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NBA 2K14 Roster & Player Ratings: Lebron James Tops at 99, Kobe Bryant Trails at 93

First Posted: Sep 13, 2013 10:54 AM EDT

The masterminds behind the upcoming NBA2K14 game have teased us with some trailers and minor details, but now gamers will get an idea of just how good we can expect our favorite NBA stars to be in the game.

NBA2K14 player ratings have been rolled out little by little each day. Instead of leaking the whole game's ratings, only a few more than a dozen player ratings were released, and only a small handful at a time. The short list leaves us wanting more as we build up the excitement and anticipation for the Oct. 2 release just weeks from now.

Not surprisingly, our cover athlete LeBron James tops the charts with the best possible rating at 99. Not even Kobe comes anywhere close to that, as Bryant's rating will start at a much lower 93. Still, the only other player who clocks in at 90 or above is Russell Westbrook, who has a 91 rating. Paul George has an 88 overall rating while Pau Gasol and Brook Lopez both are ranked with an 81 overall rating.

While there really has been much word from 2K Sports, their Twitter page does confirm the truth to these ratings. The "Official 2K Twitter," which has a verified @2K handle, has been retweeting fans who are posting about the leaked ratings. Also, Ronnie 2K, who works for 2K, also posted tweets with these ratings. 2K has done a magnificent job of creating buzz by unveiling the ratings at small bunches at a time.

For more information about ratings and all the latest updates on NBA 2K14, check out 2K's official Twitter page.

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