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Justin Bieber Zone & Calvin Klein Underwear: 'Baby' Singer Featured on 'SNL' Spoof

First Posted: Jan 19, 2015 07:45 PM EST
'My pee-pee's in there,' fake Justin Bieber assures in SNL spoof of Calvin Klein ads

Photo : Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is sure to have added a handsome sum of money to his bank account when he became the the new face of Calvin Klein. But unsurprisingly, the gig that had the singer strip down to his tighty whities also came with its share of ridicule, the New York Daily News observed.

"Saturday Night Live" picked up on the controversy surrounding the alleged Photoshop enhancement of Bieber's muscles and bulge in a sketch that aired Jan. 17, the newspaper noted. Kate McKinnon brought back her well-known impersonation of the singer to portray the teen star as an "immature" model who flexes at the camera and drinks a juice box.

The spoof ads, which also feature Cecily Strong in the role of Lara Stone, "perfectly mimic the look of the real Calvin Klein clips," the Sydney Morning Herald judged. Strong has to put up with the star's "childish behavior," the New York Daily explained.

In the first video, the fake Bieber proclaims he is a "big boy," combs his non-existant facial hair, recalls how his chest tattoo made him feel "ow-wee" and proceeds to perform some not very impressive push-ups before lifting miniscule weights. As he points to his crotch, he assures viewers that his "pee-pee's in there," the Australian newspaper detailed.

In the second "ad," meanwhile, the protagonist flexes his (small) muscles and wonders if they are "cute." He has some fun with a basketball and razor scooter but acknowledges that "all of this underwear is making me tired." The fake commercial comes with a catchy slogan: "My Calvins; clothes for my big weiner."

The real Bieber acknowledged McKinnon's parody with a "well played" on Twitter, People noted. "Obviously, (McKinnon) nailed it, and it looks like Bieber agrees," the magazine judged.

After making the teen idol its new brand ambassador, Calvin Klein last week had released a variety of pictures of Bieber in its famed briefs, according to Business Insider. In a video that is part of the campaign, the singer is seen playing the drums and "getting up close and personal" with model Lara Stone, the publication added.

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