Zoraida Sambolin, co-host of Early Start, left the CNN cable network on Friday, Dec. 13, after a three year stint. Sambolin, who shared her 5-7 a.m. slot with co-anchor John Berman, left the show, following Soledad O'Brien's departure earlier this year; also, a number of Latinas left the network during the year.

Sambolin's long career in journalism began with the PBS series that she created and hosted, entitled Small Talk for Parents, and, she hosted Nuestro Ninos on Telemundo from 1999-2002. She joined NBC Chicago as a freelance new weekend news anchor. After, she worked at two stations, where she broadcasted in English and Spanish -- connecting with as many Latinos as possible. She then launched the family series Nuestra Familia. She was later promoted to weekend anchor of NBC 5 News Today, and she hosted the weekly medical series Un Buen Doctor before she got her start on Early Start in 2011.

"I thought about this long and hard ... you all know this was a very difficult decision for me," she said, tearfully during her farewell. "I did it primarily for my kids. They're going to be very happy in Chicago and this has taught me a lot."

The celebrated Chicago-native and television journalist announced that she was leaving CNN, doing so in hopes of she will start her own production company so that she can spend more time with her children; and to be closer to her family in the Chicagoland area.

A busy year for the talented Latina, she became engaged to Chicago White Sox baseball executive Kenny Williams earlier this year. She also underwent a double mastectomy in May of this year after struggling with breast cancer; introducing that news to the public when discussing Angelina Jolie's New York Times Op-Ed piece.

Early Started honored Sambolin with a farewell montage that included some of her most memorable moments on the morning show.