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Belle Knox Duke Porn Star Video: Miriam Weeks Regrets Abusive Sex Scene, Might Drop Out of College [Video]

First Posted: Mar 20, 2014 03:25 PM EDT

Belle Knox, the Duke University freshman who was outed as a porn star and has become an internet viral sensation, recently wrote on xoJane that she regrets her first every porn video which she did for the hardcore fetish kink site Facial Abuse. She says she regrets the violent scene in which she "performed oral sex on a male co-star."

"If I could take back my first porn scene on that notorious rough sex website, I would." She wrote. "When I agreed to film that rough sex scene, I knew what was in store for me. I knew that it was a game of psychological degradation as much as physical. I knew as it was unfolding and I saw exactly how they were trying to 'break me,'" she said, saying that she felt porn producers took advantage of her.

But I would not, and I will never, take back my love of kink," she defended. "Pain arouses me; it just does ... I wanted to do a rough porn scene -- to take ownership of my fantasies."

"To be a feminist is not to say that everything 'submissive' should be rejected ... Feminism means I can take ownership of what I enjoy sexually," she wrote. "Whatever choice a woman is making ... even if it is a degrading sexual act -- is absolutely feminism." Belle Knox maintains that porn is liberating and it is people on the outside who are trying to slut-shame her.

She has received rape and death threats via social media and news outlets have revealed her real name as well has her parents' identities and where they live, making her life at Duke University unbearable. "It was just like every single day things would get worse," Knox said. "I was getting a bunch of students tweeting me mean things. There were stares and whispers in the dining hall. After I was outed, every single day waking up was like a nightmare."

"Either drunk guys will yell at me, 'You're the porn star!' or I have a bunch of girls glaring at me," Knox told The Huffington Post. There are rumors that she will drop out of school, which she might be able to afford if she manages her career well, but her goal has been to go to law school and be an advocate for women's rights. There even was a Wikipedia page on her for a brief moment before someone took it down.

She talked about her career and ambitions on The View:

Here she is talking about March Madness:

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