The WWE was still overseas in the United Kingdom as "SmackDown" taped its latest show, which featured The Undertaker.

The Wyatt Family, however, started the show and spoke down about Undertaker and Kane. The Wyatts also spoke about their "SmackDown" main-event opponents, The Usos. Bray Wyatt issued a challenge for "Survivor Series," namely a two-on-two match between Undertaker and Kane against two Wyatt members.

The Wyatts' presence on "SmackDown" continued as Braun Strowman defeated Fandango in a quick match.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament continued with King Barrett vs. Neville in a very energized British crowd. Neville won the match as Barrett was still bombarded with "Rooney" chants after soccer player Wayne Rooney slapped him last "Monday Night Raw."

Backstage, Renee Young interview The Usos, who further promoted their main-event match against The Wyatt Family.

Back in the ring, Barrett was still there and blamed his loss on Rooney. Undertaker appeared and looked ready to fight. Barrett initially started to challenge Undertaker and verbally mocked him. Undertaker retaliated, hit a chokeslam and tombstone piledriver. It should be noted that it's unclear if this segment will air or if it was exclusive to the England crowd.

The next WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament match was Kalisto vs. Ryback. Definitely showing Ryback's strength and Kalisto's agility, both men remained as faces and shook hands. In the end, Kalisto won and advanced in the tournament.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter appeared for a promo. They criticized the Manchester crowd and supported the MexAmerica storyline. Del Rio would go on to win his WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament match against Stardust.

Backstage again, Young interviewed Roman Reigns on his quest to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He is scheduled to face Cesaro next Monday.

In was main event time with The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The Usos won due to Bray Wyatt's interference. After the Wyatts continued to attack The Usos, Undertaker's voice was heard to confirm a "Survivor Series" match, but it wasn't fully confirmed if it would be a two-on-two match, and if so, which Wyatt members.

"WWE SmackDown" airs weekly on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on SyFy.