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Latinos Helping Latinos: Camino Financial Helps Business Owners Get Loans Up to $500K

First Posted: Apr 28, 2016 01:57 PM EDT

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If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, one of the largest challenges to your growth is financing: it’s difficult to find the money you need from traditional lenders if you have little or no credit history. The process is very time consuming and banks are selective with credit profiles, leaving you to look for alternatives.

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Camino Financial - 'Latinos Helping Latinos'

One innovative financial startup has made it their core mission to help small businesses take that crucial first step towards growing.

Founded by twin brothers Sean and Kenny Salas, Camino Financial is helping small business entrepreneurs find funding to get their enterprises on the road to growth.

Camino Financial helps business owners quickly secure the funding they need (in as little as 4 business days) using a special algorithm that matches the right alternative lending sources with the biz owner’s specific needs.

Camino Financial also provides technical financial assistance to help their clients grow their business into fiscal health, building a strong credit history along the way so they have more options the next time they need a loan.

The company offers valuable online resources (at no cost) to help new entrepreneurs learn the things they need to know to grow their business. These include help with marketing, accounting, and technology. In addition, help is available through live chat online, or just a phone call away.


Funding Process Fast, Typically Less than 10 Minutes

Camino Financial has made the process as fast, straightforward, and easy as possible. Applying online typically takes less than 10 minutes. Then, Camino Financial’s algorithm gets to work, finding pre-qualified loan options based on your needs. Then you can discuss which option is right for your business with one of Camino Financial’s business experts.

All in all, the process from application to funding of up to $500,000 can happen as fast as four days.


The Salas Brothers have a personal reason for starting Camino Financial. Growing up, their entrepreneurial mother opened a restaurant that eventually expanded into dozens of locations. But she had trouble getting access to the capital and financial expertise to keep her business growing, and when the Salas brothers were 12 years old, she lost the business.

Camino Financial's Story Featured on CNN, NBC and Huffington Post

Sean and Kenny don’t want that to happen to small business owners, which is why they created Camino Financial and are so personally invested in helping entrepreneurs that partner with them.

The Salas Brothers have since been featured in CNN, NBC, Huffington Post and Latin Post as well.

Customers have rave reviews for Camino Financial.


Small business owner, Austin Fernandes:

“I came across Camino Financial at the Valley Economic Development Center Summer Expo held at the Universal City Sheraton. One of their financial agents, Tarek, was very professional in advising me of my options of financing my business. He introduced me to one of the founders of Camino who took the time to expand on what Tarek had said. I was impressed by their sincere desire to help the small business person.”

Small business owner, Claudia Fileto:

“Camino Financial is an incredible asset to any small business. Our company has been able to benefit from their wealth of knowledge in small business lending. They are very accessible and prompt in responding to our business needs. Best of all, Camino Financial genuinely cares about establishing a relationship with their clients as an effort to better understand our needs as a company.”

If your business needs funding, and you’re frustrated with how exclusive the world of traditional business lending is, or just need help figuring out what your next step should be, apply at Camino Financial and find out all the options you and your business have to get on the path to growth.


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