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Immigration Reform Bill Sacrifices Gay Rights As it Moves Out of Committee

The bipartisan immigration bill has been voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and onto the full Senate, but it left behind an amendment that would have made same-sex couple eligible for family unification.

Los Angeles Voters Approve Tighter Regulations On Medical Marijuana

An overwhelming majority of voters chose "Yes" on Measure D, slashing the number of dispensaries in the city.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Open Their Doors In Washington, D.C. This Month

Medical marijuana dispensaries are slated to open their doors later this month in the nation's capital, with some locations within walking distance to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other major federal government agency headquarters.
Defense Distributed's 3D-Printed AK-47 Magazine

State Department Orders Blueprints For 3D-Printed Gun Removed From Internet, Takes Over Ownership Of Files

The United States State Department has ordered the removal of blueprints for nonprofit Defense Distributed's controversial 3D-printed "Liberator" handgun from the company's DEFCAD Web site.
Marijuana Grow Operation In Oregon Forest

Smokejumpers Stumble Upon Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation In Oregon National Forest; Plants Though To Belong To Mexican Drug Cartel

Smokejumpers parachuting into the mountains of southern Oregon to fight lightning-sparked fires found themselves landing in the middle of a marijuana growing operation.

Study Finds Parts Of L.A. Have As Many As 1 In 3 Residents Living There Illegally

The research was conducted by USC in an attempt to gather data about immigration statistics in California.

'Dark Knight' Shooter James Holmes Seeks Insanity Plea

Lawyers for James Holmes, the 25-year-old man accused of opening fire in a crowded movie theater in Colorado and as a result killing 12 people and injuring many more, say they intend to pursue an insanity defense at his trial.

CA Supreme Court Allows Cities To Ban Medical Marijuana

Monday's decision was a big setback for medical marijuana advocates, but they aren't giving up hope just yet.
'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Faces Possible Prison Time After Conviction

'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Likely Headed To Prison After Convictions For Assault, False Imprisonment

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis was convicted on Monday of a handful of misdemeanor charges, including assault and false imprisonment in connection with a previous altercation with three women. He faces up to five years in prison.

Pennsylvania Man In Prison After Arrest For Abduction and Rape of 6-Year-Old Boy

A Pennsylvania man was arrested on Sunday for kidnapping a 6-year-old boy, raping him and then abandoning him at a park in Westmoreland County.

CA Governor Brown Signs New Gun Control Bill Into Law

SB140 is the name of the wildly popular new legislation that attempts to take guns out of the hands of those who do not qualify for ownership.

CA Medical Board Could Lose Investigative Powers

As patients in California's healthcare system continue to die from drug overdoses, two lawmakers are now stepping in to do something about it.

Mayor Villaraigosa Heads To D.C. To Talk Terrorism, Immigration Reform

L.A.'s mayor is set to meet with Washington officials to discuss a wide variety of issues Thursday.

New CA Bill Proposes Soda Tax As New Study Finds Link Between Soda And Diabetes

A bill has just been proposed to California lawmakers that would institute a one cent tax on each ounce of soda sold in the state.

Three Competing Marijuana Measures on May 21 L.A. City Ballots

As marijuana grows in popularity in America, Los Angeles must decide how it will move forward with its regulation of medical marijuana.

Violence In Boston Leads To Fresh Debate Over New Immigration Bill

After it was revealed that two of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing are Chechnyan, there has been more debate about a new bipartisan immigration bill lately.

13-year-old Palmdale Student Commits Suicide After Bullying

Nigel Hardy took his own life Monday due to the large amount of verbal abuse he received for being a cheerleader.

Famous Chicano Rights Activist Sal Castro Dead At 79

Castro was a pioneer for education reform in the Hispanic community during the late 1960's.

Sen. Marco Rubio Defends Controversial Immigration Bill Against Claims That It Gives Illegals Amnesty

Rubio and a group of bipartisan senators have gone on a PR campaign for their new immigration bill in an attempt to fight misconceptions about its goals.
Barack Obama

Obama Says He Expects Congress to Have Immigration Bill Ready By April

Continuing his recent push to have Washington pass comprehensive immigration reform into law, President Obama told Univision Wednesday that he expects a bill on immigration overhaul to be ready by April.
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