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President Barack Obama

Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low: 4 in 10 Americans Approve Handling of Economy and 'Dissatisfied' with Immigrations Crisis

A majority of Americans believe the country is heading towards the wrong direction, and President Barack Obama's approval rating dropped to new lows.
Gay Marriage Cases

U.S. Appeals Court to Hear Six Same-Sex Marriage Cases

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear six cases today concerning challenges to states' same-sex marriage bans.
Deceased Migrants

Bodies of Nearly 100 Dead Immigrants Found in Arizona Desert Since October

The bodies of nearly 100 deceased immigrants have been found in Arizona's desert since October 2013.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Bans Elephant Ivory Tusks, Rhinoceros Horns; Earns Praise of Conservationists

On Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill banning the import, purchase and selling of elephant ivory tusks and rhinoceros horns.
newt gingrich

President Obama Immigration Reform Options: Executive Action Will Create 'Civil War' Among Democrats, Says Former House Speaker

Republican lawmakers have voiced their opposition to President Barack Obama using his executive action to ease the immigration crisis, but for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, further actions by the commander-in-chief could result new tensions.

Was Abraham Lincoln's Handwriting Found on Book Justifying Racism?

President who freed the slaves once read the book found in small Illinois town
Mercedes Betaneo (L), a pharmacy technician for Walgreens, sells medicine at the Walgreens pharmacy to Christine Matthews who was using the insurance she purchased under the Affordable Care Act to buy the medicine after she couldn't renew her other insura

US Pharmaceutical Industry Heavily Dependent on Immigrant Labor

A new study, conducted by the Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University, found that the pharmaceutical industry is very dependent on immigrant labor across many job titles.

Sen. Marco Rubio Talks Hillary Clinton's 2016 Election Chances, Says She Isn't Prepared for Modern Day Industrial Revolution

Sen. Marco Rubio, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, says he never claimed that Hillary Clinton, another potential candidate, is too old to run for the position.

Ebola at the Border? Despite Statistics, Indiana Representative Says Unaccompanied Minors Could Carry the Virus

A congressman attempted to unite the Ebola crisis and the border crisis on Monday by suggesting that some of the 57,000 mostly Central American minors who have been caught at the border since October 2013 may be carrying the virus.

First Daughter Malia Obama Spotted at Lollapalooza With Friends and Secret Service

Several lucky concert-goers at Lollapalooza got an extra treat when they ran into first daughter Malia Obama on Sunday.
Rep. Mike Pompeo

Republican Candidates Face Off in Primary Races in Four States

Republican candidates are battling for primary nominations Tuesday in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington state.
DREAMers Cesar Vargas (left) and Erika Andiola (right) talk about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals after confronting Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, on Aug. 4, in Okoboji, Iowa.

Undocumented Immigrants, DREAMers Confront House Rep. Steve King on DACA Opposition [Video]

Two DREAMers confronted Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, at a fundraising event to discuss his opposition to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which exempted up to 500,000 undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children from deportation.
Immigration Rally

President Barack Obama's Immigration Reform Options: Executive Action in September Likely Due to Congressional Gridlock

With no compromise from Congress on comprehensive immigration reform, President Barack Obama could issue an executive order as soon as September.
Immigrant Children

Department of Health and Human Services Closing Three Military Facilities Housing Undocumented Immigrant Children

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced plans to close three military facilities that have been used to house undocumented immigrant children apprehended at the southern U.S. border.
Senate Republicans

New Poll: Republicans Poised to Take Over Senate in November

A new poll conducted by NBC and the New York Times projects that Republicans will most likely take over the Senate in November's midterm elections.
Border Patrol Agents

US and Mexican Officials Discuss Ways to Curb Border Violence

U.S. and Mexican officials met to discuss ways to curb Border Patrol's use of force at the U.S./Mexico border over the weekend.
immigration deportation white house

Obama Administration Issues 'Government-Wide' Response on Improving Immigration Courts, Diplomatic Efforts in Central America

Following the disappointing efforts by Congress to address the border crisis and immigration reform, the Obama administration issued a “government-wide” response on how the White House is tackling the issue.

Obama Talks CEO Complaints on Economic Policies: 'I'm Not Concerned About How You're Living' [Listen]

President Barack Obama thinks chief executive officers' complaints about economic regulations should be taken lightly.
Immigrant Children

Central American Leaders Visit US: Discuss Migrant Children, Some Call It an Apology Tour

What can the Central American leaders do?

Immigration Crisis at the Border: House Republicans Vote to End DACA and Deport DREAMers

The bill will not go further than the House but shows the Republicans' willingness to sacrifice one group of people in exchange for support from its base.
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