Cover: Sagler mortar and pestle set

Mortar and Pestles for Latin American Dishes

Here's a list of affordable mortar and pestle that you must have in your kitchen to get that perfect aromatic spice blend.

5 Best Puerto Rican Dishes You Must Try

Have you run out of ideas on what to serve your family during the lockdown? Here are five of Puerto Rico's sumptuous treats you can also try preparing in your own kitchen.
Making Salsa? Cooking Made Easy With These Awesome Tomato Slicers

Making Salsa? Cooking Made Easy With These Tomato Slicers

If you want to find the best tomato slicer but don't have the time to inspect the market on your own due to the current coronavirus crisis, check out these tomato slicers Amazon!
The National Alliance of Small Business said that beer helps people ‘get through quarantine on beer terms.’

Debate Grows in Mexico Amidst Lockdown: Is Beer an ‘Essential’ Product?

There's a growing debate in Mexico of whether or not beer is an essential product. For the beer industry, this beverage helps people get through quarantine.
Mexican culture

One of a Kind: The Unique Mexican Culture

Mexican culture is diverse. Its combination of various cultures is what makes Mexicans good friends to have.

Bizarre After-Death Rituals Performed by Some Latino Cultures

Before you judge these post-death practices and tales from Latin America, bear in mind that what can be "eerie" to some Westerners may have real significance for many other people.
Nopalitos Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus Pads

Add More Excitement to Your Cooking and Gardening With These Edible Cactuses

Cooking and gardening enthusiasts now have something to look forward to with cactuses. Many of them are edible too, and they are available on Amazon.
Mexican woman

Need-to-Know Facts to Understand the Uniqueness of Mexican Women

Mexican women are molded with a culturally-rich background. Here are some facts to help you have a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of Mexican women.
Achieve Homemade Tortillas Like A Pro With These Tortilla Presses

These Tortilla Presses Will Turn You Into a Tortilla Pro

Make your own tortilla like an expert using these tortilla presses you can purchase on Amazon:
The Mole Sauce Obsession, What Is It Anyway?

The Mole Obsession, What Is It Anyway?

Did you know there are over 40 different forms of a mole? Yes, and some of them don't even include chocolate!

Spanish Customs and Traditions You Don’t See on TV

If you’ve seen La Casa de Papel and Elite on Netflix, chances are, you might already be entranced by Spanish culture. Here is some additional information about Spain’s customs and traditions!
Cheryl Noah and Alex Barkin use a computer during a family Passover Seder to connect with relatives who are unable to gather together due to the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Maplewood, New Jersey, U.S

Limited Passover Celebration This Year Due to COVID-19

Passover celebration this year is limited because of COVID-19. Jews are encouraged to keep the affair more private and have the Seders done virtually.
These hilarious Spanish Phrases are sure to ‘tickle your funny bone’ and make you forget about COVID-19 even just for a while

Hilarious Spanish Phrases that will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bone

Here are five hilarious Spanish phrases to "tickle your funny bone" and make you forget about COVID-19 even just for a while.
Chimichurri ingredients

Flavorful Chimichurri Sauce: The Perfect Addition to Your Dinner

Described as a 'vinegary' sauce made from various herbs, the popular Argentinean chimichurri sauce is the perfect addition to your meal.
How To Pay Off Your Car Loan With A Credit Card

How To Pay Off Your Car Loan With A Credit Card

Do you have a car loan outstanding? According to leading UK Lender Now-Loan, paying off a small car loan with a credit card is now increasingly popular.
Possessed woman

Exploring Mexico: The Rise of Exorcism and The Cult of 'Bony Lady' Santa Muerte

There's a God, and there's a Devil. Most people believe they reside in the Heavens and the Pits of Hell. The Catholic Church, however, believe they are fighting a war in Mexico.
Reasons That Influence Language Acquisition

Reasons That Influence Language Acquisition

Verbal communication has absolute importance in our lives. We cannot communicate freely unless we know the nitty-gritty of a language. Languages have the same essential relation to verbal communication as what colours are for painting.
Coronavirus Beer: Mexican Brewer Names Beer After Deadly Virus

Coronavirus Beer and Conchavirus Pastry

Who would've though that the pandemic could be so tasty?

5 Dishes Everyone Thinks Are Mexican, but Actually Are Not

Do you know where some of these foods originated?
Employees operating at a coal mine

Iowa History Month: Celebrating the Rise of Mexican and Latino Influence

March is a time to march forward, but it is also the perfect time to look back at the rich Iowan history involving the Latin community.
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