Day of the Dead Costume

Offensive Halloween Costumes You Definitely Shouldn't Wear

Halloween is a great time to dress up as anything you like unless you're dressing up a cultural stereotype. Then, you might want to rethink your offensive Halloween costume.
Drawing depicting La Llorona.

3 Terrifying Latino Urban Legends to Tell Your Kids this Halloween

Latino parents usually take the coming Halloween as a time to tell their kids about horror stories and urban legends, and they really are terrifying to hear as kids.
Benefits of Social media when you are a small business owner

Benefits of Social Media When You Are a Small Business Owner

Business in modern reality has to use social media in its development: social media give you an opportunity to grow your brand, reach your customers, and receive a huge amount of feedback. There are 3 billion people around the globe using social media, and all these people can find information about your brand, a large number of people to work with, eh? Another statistic says that today brands have even more followers than celebrities. For example, 80 percent of people follow at least one business on Instagram.
Top 5 Mysterious and Unexplained Places in Latin America

Top 5 Mysterious and Unexplained Places in Latin America

Here are the five mysterious and unexplained places you can visit in Latin America.
Latino Workers Stay Home For

These Latin American Comfort Food Make Everything Better!

Nothing summons a sense of home quite like the scent of delicious Latin American food cooking on the stove!
Sugar Skulls

4 Significant Día de los Muertos Traditions to Honor Departed Loved Ones

Día de los Muertos, a day dedicated to dearly departed ones, hold a variety of traditions that families do together.
4 Cheap Vacation Spots to Visit in Latin America

4 Cheap Vacation Spots to Visit in Latin America

If there is one more thing that everybody misses, it is traveling; with all the travel restrictions imposed brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are cooped up in their own homes.
Coronavirus Testing Laboratory In Glasgow

COVID-19 Can Survive For 28 Days in Mobile Phones, Banknotes, Study Says

Australian researchers’ findings on SARS-CoV-2 virus reinforce need for hand washing and effective cleaning.
Hispanic Authors to Read Before Hispanic Heritage Month Ends

5 Hispanic Authors to Read Before Hispanic Heritage Month Ends

Like any other medium of entertainment, Hispanic authors and culture in literature are always being overlooked and underrepresented.
Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Pregnant Women May Suffer Prolonged COVID-19 Symptoms: Study

One of the largest studies suggests that most pregnant women who become infected with COVID-19 will suffer prolonged, mild symptoms.
Here's How a Good Night’s Sleep Could Help Prevent Coronavirus, Based on this Study

Here's How a Good Night’s Sleep Could Help Prevent Coronavirus, Based on this Study

Sleep is a simple way to bolster the immune system against COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.
Mexico Mayan slave ship

Archaeologists in Mexico Identify Submerged Mayan Slave Ship

Archaeologists in Mexico said on Tuesday that they had found a ship that carried the Mayan people into virtual slavery in the 1850s.
Hispanics and Latinos

Facts About US Latinos For Hispanic Heritage Month

Facts you should know about Latinos, the largest minority group in the U.S., who will be celebrating their Hispanic Heritage Month beginning Sept.15 until Oct.15.

Do You Know the Origin of the 'Inclusive' Term Latinx?

Latinx is a gender-neutral alternative term to Latina and Latino. The term has also gained a presence in popular culture.
Foods That Actually Help Kids Sleep

Foods That Actually Help Kids Sleep

Young children have small tummies that only hold a little food at a time. This means that youngsters get hungry every couple of hours. Giving your child a bedtime snack is a good idea, but only if you pick the right foods. Choosing the right bedtime snack can make a big difference in your child's ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Since your quality and quantity of sleep is directly related to your child's, it pays to choose bedtime snacks carefully. Here are some nutritious options that promote sleep.
Drone Food Delivery will Finally be Available in Brazil through iFood and Speedbird Aero

Drone Food Delivery Will Finally Be Available in Brazil Through iFood and Speedbird Aero

Drone food delivery will soon be available in Brazil as iFood work with Speedbird Aero.
just married car

Pretected Presents America’s Favorite Cars: Married VS Everyone Else

Unless you have the perfect marriage, almost every couple has deliberations regarding what car they should buy - Who gets the new car? Who gets the old car? How practical should it be? How stylish? Which style? What type of car?
Top 6 Goldendoodle grooming tips

Top 6 Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

If the word "Beauty" was renamed, I'm sure "Goldendoodle" would be one of the contending names. So, when someone says that Goldendoodles are one of the most beautiful sights in the world today, trust me; they're not exaggerating. Grooming or not, you can bet your last penny that your doodle dog will look far more charming than any other breed of dog living next door.
Columbus Landing

Who Really Discovered the Americas? Christopher Columbus or the Portuguese?

Take a look at some of the most important events in Latin American history, including Columbus' "discover" of the Americas and the Spanish conquest.

Researchers Find Preserved Dung in an Oregon Cave. Where They From the First Settlers?

The ancient poop may have been left by America's first settlers, who roamed the lands over 14,000 years ago.
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