Crackers can be a part of a healthy diet. Here are our choices for the best Mexican crackers.

Three Mexican Crackers That You Should Store In Your Cupboard

Crackers can be a part of a healthy diet. Here are our choices for the best Mexican crackers.
Amani Alshehhi

The Importance of Reading by Amani Alshehhi

It is important for people all ages to read; however, many people do not know why. Reading is a gateway to the mind and soul.
gircat 4 pcs Oil Painting Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Car,Cushion Couch,Sofa,Bed Cover 18

4 Mexican Pillow Covers That Should Belong on Your Couch

Add color to any room with these pillowcases that won't break the bank.
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4 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in Mexico

Explore Mexico's vast culture, history, and traditions by visiting these sites that are a must-have in your travel itinerary.
 Canvas Prints Wall Art Paintings 8x8 inches Rustic Old Puerto Rico Flag Door People Wall Artworks Pictures for Living Room Bedroom Decoration Home Kitchen..

Channel Your Inner Puerto Rican With These 4 Fun and Fab Indoor Decorations

Spruce up your home with these dazzling and unique Puerto Rico-inspired pieces.
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What are the Safest Countries in Latin America? Find Out Here

The Latin American region is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches and vibrant cultures across the globe. However, recent developments led many to wonder just how safe the region is.
GAMESA Arcoiris Cookie, 15.50 Ounce

4 Mexican Cookies You Need in Your Pantry Right Now

Are you craving for a quick bite? Grab yourself a pack of Mexican cookies and get a taste of home.

Top 5 Books that will Make Latino Kids Love Reading

Here are the Top 5 books recommended for Latino kids to read. They will surely make kids love to read and instill inspiration, and are perfect for parent-and-child bonding, too.

4 Easy Latin-American Comfort Foods You Totally Have to Try. See the Recipes Here.

Whip out your pots and pans and try these delicious dishes that will surely remind you of home.
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Para Familias Latinas: Reviving Latin American Culture Among Latinos and Hispanics in the US

The 4-H Program aims to revive the Latin American culture among the Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S.
A ‘luchador’ is a superhero-like wrestler, who performs in professional wrestling of Mexico known as ‘Lucha Libre.’

Luchadores Featured in Latino PSA to Deliver Helpful COVID-19 Information in Spanish

To ensure that most vulnerable Latino populations receive vital public health advisories about COVID-19, d expósito & Partners developed a Public Service Announcement or PSA in Spanish that is currently running on CNN en Espanol, Telemundo and Univision via its campaign dubbed, "Lucha vs. El Virus".
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Uncovering the Identity of the Red Queen of the Mayan Palenque Kingdom

In 1994, a team of researchers stumbled upon a temple near the famous Mayan Kingdom of Palenque. Inside, they found a tomb that would become one of the largest Mayan archaeological findings in history.
An indigenous woman cycles nears Cohana Bay on the shores of Titicaca lake, some 110 km (68 miles) northwest of La Paz

Minorities Hit Harder by the COVID-19 Pandemic: Here are the Reasons Why

COVID-19 has hit minorities harder. Indeed, the disproportionate effect of this pandemic on Latino and black communities has turned out to be a defining part of this global health crisis.
The six-year graduation rate for students of color in Ohio is approximately 30 percent, comparable to the black students across the country at 40 percent.

Low Graduation Rates Among Latino and Black College Students Observed in Ohio

Hundreds of Latino students and blacks have enrolled at the Kent State University Ashtabula during the past 10 years but, based on records, only a few of them have attained success.
In this time of, Netflix has become the most wanted companion of every household anywhere in the world including Latin America.

Must-Watch Shows from Latin America

Now that the cinematic restrictions on streaming services are all gone, it is much easier to have a feel of a different culture through the series from different parts of the world which include Latin America.
Protest in response to the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd, in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Riots: How the 1992 Protests Echoes the George Floyd Movement Today

In 1992, Los Angeles was embroiled in riots that were the cumulation of years of rising tensions between law enforcement officers and the city's African-American people.
A three-dimensional image of the ancient Maya Aguada Fenix site in Mexico's Tabasco state based on lidar, an aerial remote-sensing method, is seen in this picture released on June 3, 2020.

Oldest and Largest Ancient Mayan Temple Found In Southern Mexico

Scientists have discovered the most massive and oldest-known Mayan structure using an aerial remote-sensing method in southern Mexico. The pyramid, which measured 400 meters wide, 1,400 long, and 10 to 15 meters high, exceeded the Great Pyramid of Giza built 1,500 years earlier.

Hector Suarez, Legendary Mexican Comic and Satirist, Has Passed Away

A beloved and well-known Mexican comic, Hector Suarez, has reportedly passed away at 81. The actor-director was known for celebrating the common people and satirizing the rich and corrupt.
The lines between the Black and Latinx cultures, in the modern-day imagination as ‘blurry at best,’ partly not just due to shared contemporary experience but due to rich musical, cultural flow, collaboration, and artistic history, too.

How Latinx Community can Combat Anti-Black Racism within its Own Culture

As the country encounters the most recent in what it is representing a so-called "foundational history of Black death and egregious violence by police," people converse about what happens next within their communities, inside their homes and even in large cities.
Soccer Football - Premier League - AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool - Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth, Britain - December 7, 2019

1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico: The Historic Landmark That Changed Global Soccer Forever

The 1970 event introduced game-changing concepts that were considered bold at its time but were vital to the development of soccer to what we know today.
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