Mexico City Police Chief

Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel CJNG Allegedly Attempt to Assassinate Mexico City Police Chief, Three Others Died

Mexico City Police Chief Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch alleged the notorious Mexican drug cartel CJNG for an attempt assassination on Friday that left him wounded while three others died.
Latino Organization

6 Organizations that Help Latinos and Hispanics Amid the Global Pandemic

Latino and Hispanic organizations that help the minorities in the U.S. amid the global pandemic.
Latino Business

Meet the Successful Hispanic and Latino Entrepreneurs in US

Most successfult Latino and Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States today.
Technology in Latin America

Pandemic Yields Technological Breakthroughs in LatAm Countries

Some countries in Latin America have maximized the use of technology to boost their economy amid the global pandemic.
Octaviano Larrazolo

5 Unsung American Heroes with Hispanic Roots

There are several unsung heroes that Hispanic and Latino parents should be proud to tell their children about.
Carlos Lehder

Pablo Escobar's Notorious Crime Partner Released from US Jail

Carlos Lehder of the Medellin Drug Cartel, Pablo Escobar's notorious crime partner who flooded the streets of the U.S. with billions worth of cocaine, was recently released from jail.
President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Honduran President Tests Positive for COVID-19; Drug Probe on His Brother Continues

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez tested positive for COVID-19 amid the controversy faced by his brother in the U.S. on allegations of drug trafficking.
Latin America Business

5 Things You Should Know About Doing Business in Latin America

Here are tips for doing business in Latin America, according to the managing director and founder of a company that helps businesses expand in the region.
Protests in Mexico

Worst Possible Outcomes of COVID-19 in Latin America, Could Affect the US

Latin America will be negatively affected by the COVID-19 in different ways.

5G Technology in Latin America: Is It Huawei's Backdoor to the US?

Some Latin American countries have 5G network services while others are still planning due its high operating costs.
Hotel Imperial Reforma

Amazing and Cheap Hotels in Mexico City

Hotels in Mexico City where you can stay for as low as $31 a night.
Hispanic employee

Hispanic Employment in the United States Sets New Record High

Hispanic employment has increased in the United States and is expected to grow in the years to come.

Ministry of Health Announces That Covid-19 Cases in Mexico Increasing

COVID-19 has infected seven persons in Mexico while 30 others are still under observation.

Why Mexico Leads Latin America in Technology

Facts you need to know about why Mexico is the leading country in terms of technology and technological investment in Latin America.
Hispanic small business

Profitable Small Business Ideas for the Latino Community

Profitable small business ideas for Hispanic and Latino community who are planning to start a new business.
Mexican cemetery

Mexican Migrant Built a Life in the US, But Chose to Die in Mexico

Thousands of Mexican migrants who build a life in the United States decide to go home to Mexico where they want to be laid to rest.
Rafael Marquez

Legend Rafael Marquez Says Liga MX Should Be Worried About Improved MLS

Rafael said that Liga MX should be worried about the improved MLS following the decision of some Mexican players to transfer from Liga MX to MLS.
Cancun International Airport

Cancun Airport Strenghtens Preventive Measure Against Coronavirus

Cancun International Airport sets preventive measures to control the entry of the infectious coronavirus.

An Urban Legend that Continues to Haunt People in Central Michoacan

An urban legend about pig scam that was practiced by natives in aranza before but is getting worst today through threats and extortion.

2020 Is A Good Year For Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Here's Why!

Hispanic entrepreneurs are expected to expand and grow their business in the years to come starting this year.
Sofitel Mexico City Reforma Hotel

The Newest Luxury Hotel in Mexico City

Things to know about the first Sofite-branded and first luxurious hotel in Mexico City that both combines Mexican and French aesthetics impulses.
Families of disappeared persons

Relatives of Missing Persons Assemble in Mexico

Families and relatives of disappeared persons gathered together to search for their loved ones.
Alfonso Marquez

MLB 2020: First Ever Black and Mexican-Born Umpire Crew Chiefs Appointed

African-American and a Latino born made a history in Major League Baseball.
Food Trucks

Latinos Open More Businesses in the U.S. Than Anyone Else!

Latinos are opening more small businesses in the United States than anyone else and this help to uplift the U.S. economy.
Diego Luna

Why Diego Luna Finally Signed onto "Narcos: Mexico"

Diego Luna explained the importance of storytelling in "Narcos" and explained why he always considered Mexico his home.
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