Two Big Ears VR Audio

Facebook VR Plans Get an Aural Boost, Unleashing Free 3D Audio Kit from Two Big Ears Acquisition

Facebook just boosted its VR efforts with an acquisition of immersive audio company Two Big Ears -- and it's making the 3D audio startup's technology available free to developers.

Seeking More Paid Subscribers, Spotify Premium Goes Family Sized

Seeking to boost the important core of Spotify's business model, the streaming company just joined most of its competition in offering a Premium family plan.
Internship, taking notes, startup, tech

It's Internship Season: Is Expanding Diversity at the Lowest Level Enough?

Silicon Valley is working to expand the reach of introductory-level work to a more diverse pool of talent. But are diversity internship initiatives the silver bullet for the tech industry's persistent homogeneity?

Social Media Sunday: Zuckerberg Talks Trending Topics, Messenger Accused of Privacy Violations, and Twitter May Free Up the Character Limit (a bit)

This week in social media, Facebook tried to reassure conservatives, Reddit introduced post embedding, and Twitter may stop counting photos and links against its character limit.

Diversity in Tech: Silicon Valley Leadership Dominated by White Men, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Report Finds

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) met on Wednesday to discuss for the first time the diversity problem in Silicon Valley, as Latin Post previously reported.
Pittsburgh Uber Self-driving car testing

So Much for That Gig: Uber Now Testing Self-Driving Cars

For now, humans still remain in the drivers seat, even in the self-driving Uber cars currently being trained to eventually work without their input.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg F8 Developer Conference

Trending Topics Controversy: Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg Sits Down With Conservative Pundits

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a meeting with top conservative commentators and media luminaries on Wednesday, seeking to allay fears, and defuse charges, of Trending Topics workers suppressing conservative news stories on his worldwide media platform.
Google Home

Google I/O 2016: Google Home & Google Assistant AI to Rival Amazon's Alexa & Echo

Google AI will invade your home soon through Google Assistant and Google Home, the software and hardware (respectively) that could soon help run your life.
Google VR, Android VR, Daydream

Google I/O 2016: Forget Cardboard, Android VR 'Daydream' Hardware & Software Plans Unveiled

As expected, Google unveiled some of its plans for VR at its I/O 2016 developers conference on Wednesday.

Netflix and Univision Partnership Will Allow Shared Content Through Old and New Media Platforms

Aimed at boosting its Latino audience, Netflix has partnered with Univision to coproduce some new shows for next year. The announcement was made at Univision's upfronts for 2016 in New York, in which the media company presented its programming plans to advertisers.
big rig, trucks, trucking

Otto Wants Big Rigs to Drive Themselves 'Exit to Exit' - And Has a Plan to Make it Happen Fast

What do you get when a couple dozen former Google, Apple, and Tesla employees get together? A startup called Otto -- quite possibly the most disruptive tech since the Internet.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Diversity in Tech: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to Discuss Solutions, Reveal New Report

Silicon Valley continues to struggle with its lack of diversity, but many firms are now funding initiatives, adjusting policy, and actively seeking solutions. Now, two years after Google began the trend, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is finally joining the conversation in an active way.
Immigration map to U.S.

Watch the Past 200 Years of Immigration to the U.S. in Less Than 2 Minutes

While it's easier than to get caught up in the current contentious debate over immigration, a visualization of the past 200 years of immigration to the U.S., parsed by the countries that are the largest source of immigrants, provides a bit of perspective.
BRICS/SCO Summits - Russia 2015

With Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suspended, Long Brewing Disfunction and Mistrust Boil Over

On Thursday, Brazil's Senate voted 55 to 22 to suspend President Dilma Rousseff, the first step in bringing an impeachment trial against the controversial, embattled national figure.
Food Prices Hit 15-Year High

Shopping for Your Roots: How the Grocery Trip Culturally Connects Latino Millennials

Millennials find themselves at a cultural crossroads, the intersection between identifying with their roots while increasingly acculturating to the U.S. mainstream.

'Don't Be Evil': Google to Ban Payday Loan Industry From AdWords Next Month

Google has decided to stop showing advertising from the payday loan industry, saying that it is banning ads for payday loans and similar high-interest rate financial products starting July 13.

Panama Papers Names Reveal Differing Uses for Offshore Banking

A database of names of people using offshore accounts in Latin America and the Caribbean went live this week, part of the biggest leak of secret data ever to hit the web, now dubbed "The Panama Papers."
Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook Effect: Controversy Over Conservative News in Trending Topics Points to Broader Issues

Is Facebook suppressing how much content appears from conservative news outlets? Either way, the controversy points to larger concerns over Facebook's power in media.
Global CO2 Levels Reach Unprecedented Monthly Highs

More Green: Why Energy Efficiency Matters to Low Income Latinos, Urban Minorities

Energy efficiency in cities is more than an environmental issue for low-income Latinos and other urban minorities: it could help stretched family budgets.

Social Media Sunday: WhatsApp's Recurring Brazil Ban, Facebook's Faceprint Privacy Issue, & Snapchat's Shoppable Ads

This week in social media, a judge in Brazil ordered WhatsApp to be blocked throughout the country (again) and that order was overturned within a day (again).

Shocking Percentage of Latinos Admit to Doing These Outrageous Things Behind the Wheel

A new study found that Latinos are especially bad about distracted driving.
CeBIT 2012 Technology Trade Fair

You'd Never Guess This Social Media Platform That Most Latino Millennials Get Their News From

Two huge, fascinating trends are converging in the U.S.: the rise of connectivity through social media and mobile technology and the rise of Latino millennials in population and also economic and cultural influence.
Viv Labs, Viv AI

A Smarter Siri: What to Know About 'Viv' Before AI's Introduction to the World on Monday

The creators of Siri, the sometimes-smart AI assistant running on Apple iPhones since 2011, have another AI up their sleeve. They're going to introduce their next generation AI, "Viv," to the world next Monday.
Diversity in Media Ownership Matters, Hints New FCC Study on Latino TV

This FCC Study on Latino TV Audiences Hints at Why Diversity in Media Ownership is Important

The mantra of "for us by us" may be true for Latinos' ratings of television programming, according to a new study.
Apple Music

Apple Music 2.0: Fixing the Failures From Apple's First Try at Streaming

Apparently feeling the stream of underwhelming reactions to Apple Music, the Cupertino giant has decided to overhaul and reboot the streaming app just in time for an unveiling at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016, which takes place just weeks away, in June.
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