US Census Suspends Field Work During Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 Census: Court Temporarily Stops Bureau's Plan to 'Wind Down' Operations

The 2020 census was supposed to end at an earlier date this year after the White House said the Census Bureau should "wind down" operations for certain groups, but a federal judge's order blocked this plan.
President Donald Trump Holds White House Press Briefing

Undocumented Immigrants Should Not Be Included in 2020 Census, White House Says

The memorandum would also exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted during the congressional district redraws.
The local and state officials would talk about and the essentiality of finishing the federal questionnaire to make sure the area is receiving the maximum the government funding can allot for them.

Distributing Food with a Different Approach: Educating Latino Families about the 2020 Census

A group in Elgin is in search of new ways to promote early literacy and share more information with Latino families regarding participation in the 2020 Census during the COVID-19 lockdown.
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Modern Diversity May Prompt US Census Bureau to Seek Better Classification of Hispanics' Race

Modernizing data and research methods, as well as offering clear depictions of diversity in the nation's population, are prominent objectives of the U.S. Census Bureau. However, the government agency has often missed its mark.
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