Evander Kane Wife Says NHL Star Is a Gambling Addict Who Throws His Own Games to Win Money

Evander Kane Wife Says NHL Star Is a Gambling Addict Who Throws His Own Games to Win Money

The pregnant wife of National Hockey League (NHL) star Evander Kane alleged that her husband was a gambling addict who tanked games for profit.
All About Demi Lovato’s Mental Health, Career, and Rehab

Demi Lovato Is Back From Rehab

Read on to find out about the latest news on Demi Lovato’s mental health, career, and rehab stories.
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber News 2014: Rumor Has It That Friends & Fam Are Pressuring The Pop Star To Enter Rehab For Drug Abuse

The rumor mill is grinding and the current topic du jour is none other than teen superstar Justin Bieber…again. Surprised?

Demi Lovato: How the Disney Star-Turned-Cocaine Smuggler Helped 'Support' the Illegal U.S. & South American Drug Trades

Legal and illegal drug use is all around us, from Canada, the U.S. to Latin America and beyond. We've seen Toronto's Mayor Tom Ford admit to smoking crack cocaine, Colorado and Washington states give the 'green light' to recreational marijuana use, and Uruguay become the first country in the world to legalize the trade of marijuana (in an effort to decriminalize the drug industry) -- and recently, Disney and "X Factor" fans have learned that singer/songwriter Demi Lovato was smuggling cocaine on airplanes at age 19.
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, Now Sober, Tells Miley Cyrus 'I'm Worried About You'

Now sober, Demi Lovato, is worried about her former partner in crime but says she cannot say anything.
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Struggles with Substance Abuse

On Sept. 18, Jada Pinkett Smith turned 42 and takes a look back on the road she's been on and where she is now. She shared her thoughts about getting older on Facebook. She revealed and admitted to previously struggling with addictions.
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