Gina Rodriguez

'Sleeping with the Fishes' will Star 'Filly Brown's Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez, who appeared in the hip-hop drama Filly Brown, is set to play the lead in a romantic comedy called Sleeping with the Fishes.

Famous Latinas Who Battled Domestic Violence and Prevailed

Celebrity Latinas in the limelight have spoken out about domestic violence in the past, and many have gained strength and continue in their efforts to help other women in need.
Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez is Having Fraternal Twins

Dania Ramirez, who portrays Rosie on Lifetime’s 'Devious Maids', is having a boy…and a girl. Late this past September, at her baby shower, she disclosed to her closest family and friends that she and her husband, Bev Land, would be welcoming twins into the world.
Ana Ortiz

'Devious Maids' Ana Ortiz Finds Role on 'Revenge'

'Ugly Betty' and 'Devious Maids' star, Ana Ortiz is to appear on the third season of ABC’s Revenge.
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