Jack Dorsey

Two Roads Diverge: Should Twitter Change Everything or Return to its Roots?

Twitter reported its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and yet again, the overall picture it painted was predictably grim.
Google Cardboard VR Kit

Why Google is Getting Serious About Virtual Reality Now

Google is getting serious about virtual reality's business potential. Here are the reasons Google is doubling down on VR now.
Apple Siri

Apple iPhone 6s / Plus 3D Touch: Do We Need the Home 'Button' Anymore?

Home button: The (new) iPhone's vestigial organ.

Trump's Immigration Proposals: Deport Millions, Build a Wall, Change the Constitution?

Donald Trump, the current leader of the GOP presidential race, released an immigration position paper weeks ahead of schedule, detailing the billionaire candidate's stance on undocumented immigrants, birthright citizenship, and the economy. Needless to say, Trump's views -- even on paper -- are polarizing.
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Dominating At Barcelona: A Look At the Numbers

Luis Suarez has come a long way. Almost one year ago he was defiled as a man with issues. He bit Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup and was due for months of suspension.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

Why The FCC's Redefinition of Broadband Is Huge

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to change the official definition of "broadband Internet." It's more than just semantics -- it's huge.
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Apps Over Web: Mobile Users Spend Only 14 Percent of Their Time on Websites

It's confirmed: The way to get your company in front of mobile users' eyes is through an app, not a mobile version of your website. Apps dominate the mobile web, with 86 percent of mobile users' time spent on apps instead of websites - and that's no April Fools joke.
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