Austin City Might Face Lawsuit as They Resist No Mask Texas

Austin City Might Face Lawsuit as They Resist No Mask Texas

As Austin City resists the no mask Texas Mandate of the State's Governor, AG Paxton demands the city to abide or face legal charges.
Austin police department

Austin City Council Green-Lights Police Department Budget Cut

The Austin City on Thursday joined Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities defunding their police departments.
Southwest Airline Aircraft

Man Hit By Southwest Airlines Plane on Texas Airport Runway

A man was found dead on a runway in Austin, Texas, on Thursday night. Initial investigation suggests the victim was struck and killed by a landing aircraft.
Protesters against the state's extended stay-at-home order demonstrate in Austin

Texas vs. COVID-19: Austin Extends Shelter-In-Place Policies to Mid-June

Austin and Travis County officials announced the extension of their coronavirus lockdown policies despite Texas' widespread reopening economy.
Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Launches El Rey Diversity Council Urging Hollywood to Fully Represent the 'Changing Face of America'

Renegade filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, a man on a mission behind the camera, is taking his vision and making it a part of the bigger picture through a diversity initiative aimed to bring more Latino talent to the forefront of the Entertainment industry.
Bidi Bidi Banda

Selena Tribute Band to Honor 20th Anniversary of Singer's Death at Austin's Pachanga Latino Music Festival

On Saturday, May 16 Austin, Texas' first all-star Selena tribute band, Bidi Bidi Banda will honor the twentieth anniversary of the iconic singer Selena Quintanilla's death at The Pachanga Latino Music Festival held at Fiesta Gardens.
Pachanga Latino Music Festival

Austin's Pachanga Latino Music Festival 2015 Expands to Houston & Dallas, First Round of Talent Announced

It's that time of year again and Austin, Texas, is not only bringing the heat and good eats, but it's brining the live, Latin tunes with its 8th Annual Pachanga Latino Music Festival on May 16 at Fiesta Gardens.
Singer-Songwriter David Garza Tours With Pearl Jam, Brings 'Texas Charm' to NPR

Singer-Songwriter David Garza Tours With Pearl Jam, Brings 'Texas Charm' to NPR

Austin-based, American singer-songwriter humbly showed off his smooth vocal chops, entranced the crowd with his piano playing and rocked the guitar alongside Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno at Joe's Pub in New York on Monday night.
Jessica Alba

The Surprising Origins of the Panama Hat

It's been known as the Panama hat, the Monticristi and the Sombrero de paja toquilla — the fashionable, sophisticated, yet laid-back headwear has been a signature piece for many people around the globe and in Hollywood — from Latina A-listers, Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz to actor and director Brad Pitt.

'Breaking Bad' Star Gustavo "Gus" Fring, Mick Jagger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tap Into Re-Vintaged Style, Hat Revival, Says Austin's Hat Box

Throughout history, hats have made a statement in entertainment, politics and pop culture as a symbol of sophistication, "status, occupation, and even political affiliation." Upon a visit to Austin, Texas, to attend the Pachanga Latino Music Festival, Latin Post got a closer look at some of the finest hats made in the world, including Vivien Sheriff’s finest English hats and headpieces as well as the Borsalino of Italy, Christy's of London at the Hatbox: A Modern Haberdashery.
Bat Conservation Internationa

Austin Goes 'Batty' as 1.5 Million Mexican Bats Gather to Feast on Insects Under the Congress Bridge [Video]

The people of Austin know how to party, play awesome live music and cook up some savory BBQ, but there is another noteworthy 'bat-ass' attraction: a nightly bat feeding frenzy where 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats gather to feast on Austin's insects under the city's South Congress Bridge.
SXSW 2014

SXSW Interactive Gains International Appeal and Reflects Start-up Growth from Brazil, South Africa, Europe and Africa

SXSW Interactive is becoming more international, but this time other countries don't just want to report back to its citizens, instead they want to show off what they are made of from start-ups to new, innovative ideas -- thus making for more competitive contenders on a global scale.
Lizzie Velasquez

Lilly Velasquez: Only One of Three in the World to Have Rare Syndrome is Labeled the "World's Ugliest" Latina

How do you define beauty in America? While many would jump to say a Victoria Secret model or an actress, or singer, there are all types of beauty and Lilly Velasquez, who has a rare condition that prevents her from gaining any weight, has a kind of beauty that is unlike any other.
Mexic-Arte Museum - Mexican Face Masks

Rare and Valuable Indigenous Mexican Face Masks Donated to Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas

For some, masks are used just for fun when dressing up in costumes, but for art collectors Patricia and Carmine De Vivi of New Mexico, masks take on a different dimension. They aren't only beautiful piece of artwork, but a representation of a culture's history -- and in their case, an invaluable treasure for those of Mexican descent who want to cherish and preserve their heritage.
Firefighters battling inferno

The EEOC Says That Austin Fire Department Discriminates Against Black and Hispanics

Latino applicants are being discriminated against because of nationality, and African-American applicants because of their race.
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