Autism Among Latino Children, why are They Diagnosed Late?

Autism Among Latino Children, Why Are They Diagnosed Late?

Latino children have a late diagnosis when it comes to Autism. This World Autism Awareness Day, discover the factors that affect the diagnosis.

CDC Report on Autism Suggests Changes to Survey Questions Impacts Reported Cases of Autism

Between 2013 and 2014, the prevalence of autism doubled for young people in the U.S., but plunged for Hispanic youth. The shift in rates could be attributed to changes in environmental factors, pharmaceuticals or advances in research, or it could simply be attributed to changes to survey questions, affecting estimations of developmental disabilities.

National Immunization Awareness Month to Underline Importance of Vaccines for Infants, Elderly

Ensuring a healthy future for infants, preteens, adults and the elderly is a matter of receiving timely vaccinations, to protect the population against dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases and viruses, such as the flu, measles and pneumonia.

Autism Linked With Environmental Factors, Study Says

A new study reveals that autism, a neurodevelopment disorder, may be the direct result of genetics, environmental factor or both, according to "Fox News."
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