Having No Friends

How Having No Friends Can Be Beneficial

People believe that human beings are very social special due to our evolution, which shows that we rely on relationships in order to survive in the world. However, having no friends is sometimes better than having to deal with toxic ones.

Curse Words Linked to Higher Intelligence and Other Benefits, According to Experts

Using cuss words might be more beneficial and might be a sign of something good, according to science. Numerous studies found that using foul language or swearing is actually advantageous.
Why Celebrities Are Swearing by Coconut Oil Benefits

Why Celebrities Are Swearing by Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil has earned its popularity throughout the years with the benefits and wonders it contributes to one's health and beauty routine.
Coconut Face Balm: Benefits and How to Use It

Coconut Face Balm: Benefits and How to Use It

Find how to use coconut face balm and its benefits for your skin.
Protesters  who instigate violence might no longer receive coronavirus benefits.

No Stimulus Check for Protesters Proven Guilty of Causing Violence

Protesters who will be found guilty of causing violence on the streets will no longer be able to receive their $600 enhanced coronavirus unemployment benefits.
Florida Department of Economic and Opportunity says it is already dealing with a ‘data security incident’ linked to unemployment benefits.

Benefits are ‘Stingiest’ in Florida, as Unemployment Continues to Rise

Unemployment problems in Florida appear to remain unsolved. Claimants say the government program is "the stingiest" because of low disbursement amounts, slow distribution, and data security.

Californians Don’t Need to Certify Qualifications for Unemployment Benefits for Now

Californians who are receiving unemployment insurance benefits won't have to certify anymore, every two weeks, that they are qualified for the said benefits.

Stimulus Package: Benefits for Residents of New Mexico

President Donald Trump signed into law the stimulus package that will greatly benefit New Mexicans from individuals to small businesses.
Defense Of Marriage Act

Government Recognizes Same-Sex Military Couple, Awards Benefits To Spouse

After a suicide bomber in Afghanistan killed Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Donna Johnson on Oct. 1, 2012, her wife and fellow guardswoman Tracy Dice Johnson was left in the dark as to whether or not the U.S. military would recognize their marriage and grant her the same benefits to which heterosexual married couples are entitled.

Latinas Love "Tandas" and Lending Circles

Tandas is a resource that many Latinas consider when dealing with financial difficulty or when someone close is struggling financially. Tandas are a no-interest, short-term loan that's arranged among friends, and can be managed in a number of ways.
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