Boeing Black secure android smartphone

Boeing Black: An NSA-Proof Phone That's Actually Geared More For NSA Use

The year 2013 will probably be remembered as the year when the general public learned that there are no guarantees of security and privacy in cyberspace. Aerospace manufacturer Boeing took a stab at a perfectly secure device, as it unveiled the "Boeing Black" this week, entering the race to make a smartphone that keeps its data safe.
blackphone secure nsa free smartphone?

Blackphone: The Secure, Private, NSA-Proof Smartphone?

Ever since ex National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked a ton of top-secret material detailing many of the agency's projects and capabilities, any illusion of data privacy has been thoroughly stomped out. There are basically two reactions to this disquieting knowledge: to say "oh well" and continue about your life or try harder to protect your data. A new smartphone, called Blackphone, hopes to cater to the second type.
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