Popular Brands Do Their Share of Social Distancing Initiative Through Redesigned Logos

Five famous brands have thought of a strategy to stay in line amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They have twisted up their logos to encourage social distance.

Affluent US Internet Millennials, Gen X Prefer Emails From Luxury Brands, Not Texts

Affluent Internet users are picky when it comes to brand messaging notably from "luxury" companies.
Lance Rios

Lance Rios of Being Latino, DigiBunch and Hispanicize Shares the Secrets of Marketing to Latinos

"Monolithic community" is not a phrase that describes the wide-spanning and vibrant Latino community. Latinos hail from many different countries and regions, representing different age groups, religions and understandings. Lance Rios, the president and founder of DigiBunch, company partner at Hispanicize and president and founder of Being Latino, recognizes that there isn't one product that appeals to all Latinos, all of the time.

FDA, Tobacco Businesses Create Forum For Debate Over E-Cigarettes

Are e-cigs becoming more popular among youth?
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