Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Surfside

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Allocates $8M to Clear Illegal Migrants from State in Proposed 'Freedom First Budget'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sets $8M in the "Freedom First Budget" to remove illegal immigrants from the state.
Where Your Business Habitually Overspend?

Where Do Businesses Usually Overspend?

Businesses grow through increase of revenue and reduced expenses. To reduce revenue, you need to identify where you must cut the habitual overspending. Here are the areas you might need to check!
Farmers and Ranchers in the US to Receive Approximately $16 Billion Aid from the Government

US Government Will Provide Financial Aid to Farmers

U.S. farmers and ranchers are working hard, and they never complain. But this will surely be rewarded as the government will provide financial aid and other measures to help them cope with the changes brought by COVID-19.
Border security

How will undocumented immigrants be affected by Trump´s new budget?

The White House released a $4.1 trillion plan on Tuesday that indicate Trump´s intent to keep his campaign promises
Food Stamps

Trump's budget would make cuts to food stamps and Medicaid

The new budget proposal would slash more than $800 billion over the next 10 years on funds for Medicaid
barack obama

Obama's Budget Plan: Billions of Dollars Set for Immigration Enforcement

President Barack Obama revealed his 2017 fiscal year budget proposals, requesting $4.1 trillion, but costs could be saved with comprehensive immigration reform.
John Boehner barack obama

Obama Criticizes House GOP Budget Plan, Which Cuts Trillions in Spending, Repeals Obamacare

President Barack Obama criticized House Republicans' latest budget plan, stating it lacks investment in key national priorities for job growth.
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's Anti-Obamacare Budget Passes House

Ryan's budget plan would cut taxes and repeal Obamacare.

Poll: Americans Unhappy With President Obama And His Administration’s Handling Of Issues They Deem Top Priority For 2014

According to a recent poll the majority of American voters say they are unhappy with how the president is handling what they believe are the highest priority issues facing the country. However, if Obama can rearrange his priorities and fix the current situation in a few key areas pollsters say his approval ratings may increase for 2014.

Canon Digital Camera Review: The Best Picks for Every Budget

The Canon EOS-M is Canon's first foray into the world of mirrorless cameras.
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