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Major Cable, Satellite Companies Hike Prices

Those who have been paying exorbitant prices for their pay TV packages on cable and satellite are about to get some bad news: Nearly all of the major pay TV companies across the nation are about to raise their prices for customers currently subscribing to their services.
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Report: Binge-Watching Streaming TV Series is Most Popular Among Latino Millennials

"Transparent," "Orange Is the New Black," "Hemlock Grove" and "House of Cards" aren't just the hottest shows streaming; those series and likewise shows are products and major time consumers, drawing large shares of the population to multiple devices to consume or binge-watch entire seasons or series without having to move an inch.

HBO to Free Itself From Cable, Launching Standalone Online TV Subscription Service

In a move that undoubtedly will make cable-cutters and cable-nevers very happy, premium TV network HBO announced it will launch a stand-alone online television service in 2015 -- sans cable subscription.
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Cable vs. Streaming: Cable, Satellite TV Still Popular, Streaming Services Gain Ground With Millennials

With Hulu and Netflix viewership gaining speed, cable and satellite operators could see a decline in their industry. According to Harris Interactive, cable and satellite companies shouldn't worry much as three-fourths of U.S. adults stated they regularly watch television through their providers.
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DVR Hogs Are the Worst, and Half of Us Have One Living in Our House, According to Verizon

The digital video recorder (DVR) is a wonderful invention, but it gets spoiled when you actually can't use it to record your shows because someone else in your household is monopolizing all the storage. This grave problem has almost reached epidemic proportions, according to a new nationwide survey by Verizon, which found that more than half of DVR users have a hog in their home.

'Homeland' Filming To Take Place In South Africa; What's Next With Carrie's Baby?

"Homeland" is certainly missed.

Ultra-Fast Google Fiber Internet Service Set to Launch in 34 More Cities

America may be at the forefront of innovation in some areas, but it lags behind a a bunch of Asian and European countries when it comes to internet speeds.

WWE Launching Online Streaming Network on Feb. 24 - WrestleMania 30 Included

Probably the most entertaining thing at CES 2014 was the presentation from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., as it announced it was launching the WWE Network - a streaming video channel on the internet that will include a huge amount of archival wrestling videos and new content for one monthly subscription.

Homeland Season 4 Cast News and Rumors: New Characters and Plot?

"Homeland" just finished off its rollercoaster third season, but it's never too soon to start speculating about what will happen next.
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