Comcast Time Warner Cable merger

Comcast Arguing For Merger With Time Warner Cable

Comcast put forth an argument this week in favor of its merger with TWC. In the final of a five part series, we look at contradictions in Comcast's argument.
Comcast Time Warner Cable merger

Comcast's Competitors? Cable Giant Sees Many Rivals in Arguing For TWC Merger - Part 1: DSL and Fiber

In its FCC filing on Tuesday, Comcast put forward its argument why a merger with Time Warner Cable, the second-largest cable company in the U.S., would be beneficial to consumers, market competition, and Comcast's survival in the new media landscape.
Google Fiber list potential cities

Google Adds Some Latino-Heavy Cities to Possible Fiber List: If They Make the Cut

Google announced recently it was considering some new cities for its Google Fiber internet service, including some heavily Latino cities. But can they make the cut?
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