FCC Chairman Wheeler Wants to Unleash Silicon Valley Innovation on Your Dusty Old Cable Box

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has a plan to transform cable television. No, it doesn't involve breaking up big monopolies like Comcast; Wheeler wants to transform the technology at the point where consumers interact with their cable television networks: by unlocking the cable box.

Let's Call It: The Cord Cutting Era Has Officially Arrived

Three stories hit the news on Monday in separate publications, concerning three different but interrelated subjects -- advertising, entertainment, and the IT backbone of the Internet. Taken together, they represent a tipping point in a trend we've seen building for a decade. Welcome to the era of cord cutting.
David Cohen, Robert Marcus Time Warner Cable Comcast Merger

Time Warner Cable, Comcast Lead the Industry in Customer Dissatisfaction - Likely "Worse" After Merger

Some common attitudes in our culture are pretty evident to anyone: Go out anywhere and strike up a conversation about mobile tech and the internet, and you'll discover most people love their devices, but have no love for the companies that provide service to them. This week, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index confirmed everyone's suspicions: we love our smartphones, but hate subscription TV and ISPs.
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