Venezuelan soldiers in balaclavas move a suspect from a helicopter after what Venezuelan authorities described was a

Maduro Says 2 US 'Terrorists' Were Captured in Failed Attempt to Capture Him

The embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro revealed authorities captured two U.S. citizens among a group of 13 'terrorists' on Monday. The mercenaries were reportedly attempting to capture the socialist leader.
Report: Caracas World's Most Dangerous City

Caracas World's Most Dangerous City, Report Says

Caracas, Venezuela's capital, has reclaimed the dubious honor of being the world's most dangerous city, according to a new report released by a Mexico-based non-governmental organization.
American Airlines/Venezuela Dispute

American Airlines to Suspend Majority of Flights to Venezuela

American Airlines announced Tuesday that it will suspend most flights to Venezuela due to a dispute over the repatriation of funds.

Church-goers Roller-skate to Christmas Mass in Caracas, Venezuela

Despite Venezuelan facing a tough economic crisis, with shortages and price hikes putting a damper on the holiday season, there is a fun tradition that might bring back some Christmas cheer during difficult times - and it involves roller skates.
Antonella 2012

U.S. Officials Shot at Venezuela Strip Club May Have Fired at Each Other

New reports about the shooting of two American embassy workers at a strip club in Venezuela earlier this week say the men actually shot each other during a fight they started inside the establishment.

American Officials Shot in Venezuela During Altercation Outside Caracas Nightclub

Two American officials at the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela were shot in an altercation outside a local nightclub early Tuesday morning.
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