Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Does Not See His Catholic Faith Through ‘Political Prism,' Jen Psaki Says

Pres. Joe Biden Does Not See His Catholic Faith Through ‘Political Prism,' Jen Psaki Says

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that pro-abortion President Joe Biden does not see his Catholic faith "through a political prism."
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Exploring Mexico: The Rise of Exorcism and The Cult of 'Bony Lady' Santa Muerte

There's a God, and there's a Devil. Most people believe they reside in the Heavens and the Pits of Hell. The Catholic Church, however, believe they are fighting a war in Mexico.
The theft has sent shockwaves through the Catholic community in Italy.

Catholic Saint's Brain Stolen From Italian Church

Holy brains are apparently big ticket items on the black market.
Pope Francis and Donald Trump

The Odd Couple: When Donald and Francis Met

The two world leaders finally have that awkward sit-down.
Water Issues in Mexico

What Mexico is Doing To Restore its Rich History

Part of the tunnel is ready for the public, but it's still just a small percentage of the massive structure.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Is First Pope to Appear in Movie

Pope Francis has been a rather unique bearer of his title. He is unafraid of going against the grain as he looks to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

More than Half of Young Catholic Families Are Latino Despite Recent Decline

More than half of young Catholic families (53 percent) identify themselves as Latino or Hispanic compared with 32 percent of all Catholics, according to a recent survey. Could the presence of Hispanic families in the Catholic Church indicate Latino congregational growth, or at least the slowing of a once-persistent decline?
Cincinnati Catholic Schools

Cincinnati Catholic School Forces Morality Contract, List of 'Do-Nots' on Teachers

A revised contract agreement that teachers at a Catholic school in Cincinnati are required to sign in order to continue teaching has several staff members outraged.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Plans to Meet With Sex Abuse Victims at Vatican Next Month

On Monday Pope Francis announced that he would meet with some of the victims that were sexually abused by clergy of the Catholic Church at the Vatican next month.
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Study Shows U.S. Catholic Church Must Adapt to Growing Hispanic Population

While the growth of Hispanics in the U.S. Catholic Church has been explosive, a new study reveals that this increase presents both a strength and a challenge for the church.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Bends Catholic Law On Divorce, Communion

A Catholic law that bans divorced members of the church from receiving communion could be the subject of change after Pope Francis recently approved an Argentinean woman's plea to take part in communion after marrying her husband, a previously divorced man.
The Vatican

Pope Francis Backs Corrupt Vatican Bank

Vatican officials announced Monday that Pope Francis is supporting the Vatican's bank, which has been the subject of scandal and corruption in the last few months.
Pope Francis

Little Girls Asks Pope Francis and President Barack Obama to Help Reform US Law for Her Father

President Barack Obama wasn't the only American Pope Francis wanted to see at the Vatican onThursday. The other was 10-year-old Jersey Vargas of Panorama City, an area in northern Los Angeles.

Pope Francis Elevates 19 Bishops To Cardinal Status

Pope Francis elevates 19 bishops from all over the world to the rank of cardinal and emphasizes the church's role in the world.
Muslims all over the world pray in thanksgiving.

Cathedrals Empty in Favor of Mosques in Some Latino American Communities

By and large, Latino Americans are Catholic; a majority of the 52 million Hispanics living in the United States belong to the Catholic Church. However, Cathedrals are emptying, and former occupants have taken to worshiping in mosques.

Pope Francis Seeks To Increase Role of Women In Catholic Church

He is against the idea of female priests but wants a larger role for women
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