FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Charter Gets Time Warner Cable Merger Approval, But the FCC Has Some Conditions

Charter won approval for its proposed merger only if it agrees to some terms and conditions imposed from the FCC and Justice Department.
David Cohen, Robert Marcus Time Warner Cable Comcast Merger

Time Warner Cable, Comcast Lead the Industry in Customer Dissatisfaction - Likely "Worse" After Merger

Some common attitudes in our culture are pretty evident to anyone: Go out anywhere and strike up a conversation about mobile tech and the internet, and you'll discover most people love their devices, but have no love for the companies that provide service to them. This week, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index confirmed everyone's suspicions: we love our smartphones, but hate subscription TV and ISPs.
Comcast and Time Warner Cable

Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger Finds a New Enemy: Cable Company Charter

The contentious proposed Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable has met with another detractor on Friday. Unsurprisingly, Charter Communications, the company that was trying to bid for Time Warner Cable before Comcast swept in, urged TWC investors not to endorse the merger with Comcast.
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