Chef in Mexico Kills Wife, Cooks Her Arms to Feed to Dogs After He Failed to Swap Her for Drugs

Chef in Mexico Kills Wife, Cooks Her Arms to Feed to Dogs After He Failed to Swap Her for Drugs

Authorities in Mexico arrested a professional chef for allegedly killing and mutilating his wife after he tried to swap her for drugs.

25-Year-Old Mexican Chef Is the Only Woman in International Competition

A 25-year-old Mexican woman will represent the country in in international gastronomic competition. She is also the only fmale competitor in the event.
Chef Pepín

SABOR: 'Despierta América's' Chef Pepín Shares His Recipe for Success & Longevity

"Despierta America's'" treasured Chef Pepín has perfected his recipe for success - by adding generous heaps of authenticity, a genuine engagement with his loyal fans, love for the Latino community and his infectious humor and humility. This is one recipe where you can splurge and indulge in large portions, for all of these ingredients are hard to come by these days. The Cuban-American culinary pioneer, who spoke to Latin Post in an exclusive interview, encompasses the essence of our "Sabor" series for he truly savors every moment, has a passion for cooking, but most importantly he has a zest for life.
Transformers: Age of Extinction

DVD Releases of the Week: 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Explodes Into Home Video while 'Chef' also released

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' makes its debut on movie shelves Tuesday as Hollywood will offer a number of new selections for a variety of audiences. So what else is in stores on Sept. 30?

Box Office Preview: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' to Win Box Office

This weekend "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is expected to win the box office, beating out "Transformers."
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'Chef' Movie Review: An Intimate & Autobiographical Return to Form by Jon Favreau

Back in 2008, director Jon Favreau was a hero. The auteur had just given the world the first "Iron Man" movie. He already had a proven track record with a number of other major hits, but "Iron Man" seemed like a new beginning for the filmmaker. However, his place in Hollywood was not a particularly stable one. Just a few years later his "Iron Man" sequel was blasted critically; a year later his "Cowboys & Aliens" flopped critically and at the box office. The fall seemed swift for the filmmaker. But Favreau has not given up. He has returned to his roots of indie film-making with "Chef," arguably his most autobiographical film to date.

Box Office Analysis 2014: 'Neighbors' Destroys Not-So-Amazing 'Spider-Man;' Why Superhero Film Will Be Lowest Grossing Installment in Franchise History

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron's "Neighbors" knocked off "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" from the top spot at this weekend's box office.

How Did Anastasia Steele Change Dakota Johnson's Life?

After the great opportunity of being chosen to be the actress to play Anastasia Steele in the highly anticipated film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” it can thrill fans all the more to know that Dakota Johnson has remained grounded ever since.
victoria daza

Peruvian Thanksgiving and Tips for a Successful Turkey Day

Peruvian American homes are filled with the distinctive smells when concocting meals. Onion and lime permeates, but collects in the kitchen. The smell of roasting pork also pervades, and is linked to the sound of preparation: sharp knives striking chopping boards, fresh vegetables snapping, crisp meat crackling, and harmonious conversations. For home-style chef, Victoria Daza, Thanksgiving is not only a time for familial closeness, but for reflection, observations, and acknowledgement of indigenous roots.
Eliana de Las Casa

Eliana De Las Casas, 13-Year-Old Chef, Does Good by Cooking Well

Young chef, Eliana De Las Casas has been cooking meals and writing cookbooks since she was eight without breaking a sweat.
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