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SABOR: Kid Chef Eliana, Chef Pepín, Chef Tania Lopez & Chef Lydia Gonzalez Welch Share Fun and Easy Summer Recipes

The season of the sun provokes culinary artists to prepare everything from sizzling barbeque to decadent desserts to refreshing salads. Latino cooks, in particular, love to get busy in the kitchen during the summertime, making dishes you'll absolutely want to add to your summer bucket list.
Chef Pepín

SABOR: 'Despierta América's' Chef Pepín Shares His Recipe for Success & Longevity

"Despierta America's'" treasured Chef Pepín has perfected his recipe for success - by adding generous heaps of authenticity, a genuine engagement with his loyal fans, love for the Latino community and his infectious humor and humility. This is one recipe where you can splurge and indulge in large portions, for all of these ingredients are hard to come by these days. The Cuban-American culinary pioneer, who spoke to Latin Post in an exclusive interview, encompasses the essence of our "Sabor" series for he truly savors every moment, has a passion for cooking, but most importantly he has a zest for life.
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