Healthy lifestyle while on quarantine

Lifestyle Bowls and Q&A: Chipotle Offers Healthy Options

In light of quarantine orders, Chipotle opened a new section of their menu that offers healthy meals to help us maintain fitness indoors.
Chipotle to Pay $25 Million for Causing Norovirus Outbreak in the US

Chipotle to Pay $25 Million for Causing Past Outbreaks

In 2015, Chipotle’s insufficient food safety procedures had led to norovirus outbreaks. Now, the mistake still haunts them as they are asked to pay a $25 million fine.
The Tex-Mex chain suffers another setback and customers are at risk for identity theft.

'Most' Chipotle Restaurants Hacked By Malware

One more reason to buy authentic tacos.
Cultivating Thoughts

Latino Writers Sound Off About Lack of Diversity in Chipotle Mexican Grill's New Literature Campaign

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the international restaurant chain which serves up customized burritos and tacos in an assembly line-fashion, launched an initiative meant to give customers a brief, literary experience by printing short stories on its bags and cups. "Cultivating Thoughts" features writers such as Toni Morrison, Sarah Silverman, Jonathan Safran Foer and George Saunder. But noticeably missing from its lineup are Mexican-American and Latin American writers.
Taco Bell Secret Menu

Here's What You Can Find on Taco Bell's Secret Menu

Some fast-food eateries are known for their so-called secret menus.

A Farmer's 'Beef' with Chipotle: The Burrito Giant's Ads, Depiction of Farmers and Its Food Come into Question

What draws you to eat a particular burrito? Taste, quality or price -- or all of the above? And if you are paying more, are you truly getting better quality or are you just getting wrapped up in the claims and flashy advertising? One farmer gave mega-burrito giant Chipotle a piece of his mind on the depictions of farmers, the origins of its food and challenged the company to change its ways.
Matt Stonie eating Chipotle burritos

Matt Stonie, Competitive Eater, Downs Burritos In An Instant [WATCH]

Matt Stonie, a competitive eater from San Jose, California, amazes everyone once again with his ingest ability by rapidly devouring away massive burritos at a popular eatery franchise, Chipotle Mexican Grill.
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