Rodrigo Garcia & Ewan McGregor

Exclusive: Rodrigo Garcia on 'Last Days in the Desert,' Christianity, Faith-Based Movies & His Father Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Best Work

Director Rodrigo Garcia talks about the experience of directing "Last Days in the Desert" and his father Gabriel Garcia Marquez's most inspirational work.

Changing Career Paths From Biology to Actor: 'Risen' Actor Mario Tardon on His Faith [Exclusive]

Mario Tardon talks about his experiences on faith-based movie "Risen" and his career trajectory.

Christian Woman Sentenced to Death in Sudan for Refusing Islam: 27-Year-Old Mother is 8 Months Pregnant

Sharia Law prohibits her choice of Christian faith.
Hobby Lobby At Center Of Supreme Court Case Against Affordable Care Act Birth Control Clause

Hobby Lobby's Perception Could Suffer From Supreme Court Case on Contraception

As the U.S. Supreme Court debated Tuesday about whether for-profit companies could refuse the Affordable Care Act's mandate for contraception coverage to its employees citing religious beliefs, Hobby Lobby became part of a list of organizations to publicly take a religiously conservative stance on socioeconomic topics.
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