Chromecast 2015

New Chromecast and Chromecast Audio: Features, Price and Release Date

On Tuesday, Google unveiled the new Nexus phones at a press event. It also revealed a new, updated and redesigned Chromecast for video, as well as a new stand-alone Chromecast Audio for streaming music to your sound system. Here are the details.
Google IO 2015

Google I/O 2015: Everything You Need to Know

As it does every year, Google's keynote kicking off the Google I/O developer conference included a laundry list of updates on projects we knew the company was working at, along with lots of announcements and previews of new products and features Google is just beginning to launch. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know from Google's Avengers-length keynote.
Night of the Living Dead on Popcorn Time for Android

Popcorn Time for Android Gets Chromecast Support

Popcorn Time is a program that makes Bittorrenting movies and TV shows look and feel like Netflix. Now one of its most active programming teams has created an app for Android that works with Chromecast -- MPAA, you've met your match.
Android Wear demonstration Google I/O 2014

'Android Everywhere' Is the Mantra at Google I/O: In Cars, TVs, and On Your Wrist

The keynote address starting off Google I/O 2014 - this year's edition of the Mountain View giant's annual developers conference - was a rapid-fire demonstration of Google's ambitious plans for Android: everywhere you can use it, a single, continuous Android experience will be there. This includes wearable devices, cars, homes, and your living room.
Google headquarters

Google I/O 2014: What to Expect at the Keynote and Beyond — Android Wear, Smartwatches, Android Update, Nexus 9 Tablet, Nest Smart Home and More

The annual developers conference and showcase of all things Google starts on Wednesday. Like previous years, the opening keynote address will likely include several announcements about Google initiatives. Here's what to look for at Google I/O 2014.

Watching World Cup 2014: Google Chromecast Gets ESPN App Support

Chromecast, Google's cheap HDMI streaming dongle, has been gaining support for more apps over the past few months than ever before. This week, the TV streaming device added support for WatchESPN - and the timing for World Cup fans couldn't be better.
Aereo TV Streaming

Aereo to Stream to Chromecast, If It Survives Long Enough

Chromecast continues to add new apps to the roster of services that support Google's $35 HDMI streaming dongle, but the latest addition is particularly interesting. Broadcast TV streaming service Aereo announced an upcoming update for its Android app on Thursday to bring live TV to Chromecast.

With the Chromecast Gaining Popularity, Why Would Google Launch Android TV?

Rumors hit the web this weekend of the possibility of a (new) set-top box from Google, this time called Android TV. But with the Google Chromecast gaining support from manufacturers and software developers, why would Google feel the need for another stab at your entertainment system?

AutoCast: Maybe the Only Chromecast Software You'll Ever Need

Earlier this year, Google officially released Chromecast's software developer's kit (SDK), which we previously predicted would lead to a flood of apps supporting Google's $35 HDTV streaming dongle. Since then, Chromecast enthusiasts have searched through the deluge for the best Chromecast apps.
Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV: Big on Specs and Extras, but Big on Price, Too

Amazon joined in the smart TV race on Wednesday when it unveiled Amazon "Fire TV," a powerful streaming box that offers some features that the competition, Google, Apple, and Roku, does not. Nevertheless, at $99, is Fire TV enough to win over couch potato-tech enthusiasts?
Chromecast Squirrel

New Chromecast Apps: Rdio, Crackle, Vudu, and Streaming Video for Squirrels?

For a good long while, it looked like the Google Chromecast - the TV dongle that streams content from the web and mobile devices - would never expand its range of compatible apps. Now new apps that are Chromcast compatible are coming fast and frequently, including Rdio, Crackle, and Vudu, announced today.

Amazon Streaming and Gaming Dongle To Take On Chromecast in April?

Amazon's long rumored set-top streaming device may not be a set-top device at all. The TV hardware, rumored to launch in April, may end up looking like a Chromecast, and it may try to take on Google with a gaming feature the Chromecast doesn't have.

The Best Chromecast Video Apps... So Far

Google's HDTV dongle, called Chromecast, launched in the U.S. in early Fall, 2013, and has been gaining popularity, and apps, ever since. Now that Chromecast is launching in the U.K., Canada, and several European nations, for a similarly low cost, it's time for a roundup of the best Chromecast video apps... so far.

Plex Announces Expansion of Chromecast Media Playback, Free for All (Almost)

For Chromecast users who have been waiting for the ability to "cast" or stream digital media they own on their own local drives, there's good news: Plex, a media streaming app that announced beta Chromecast support for premium (paid) members late last year is finally opening its streaming app to everyone, for free. But, of course, there's a catch.

Get Ready for Lots of Chromecast Apps: SDK Finally Open to Developers, After a Long Fall

The future of any mobile-connected hardware is inexorably tied to its app ecosystem: it doesn't matter how awesome a piece of hardware is these days if there are no apps to run on it. That's surprisingly been Google's problem with its super-cheap HDTV dongle Chromecast - until now.
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