Memorial Outside Astroworld Festival Venue

Texas College Student Named as 9th Victim of Travis Scott Astroworld Festival Tragedy

A Texas college student is the ninth victim of Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival tragedy.
College Graduation

Fewer US Students Seek Federal Aid for College Amid Pandemic

The sudden closure of school buildings led to decline in the number of students applying for U.S. federal college aid.
Pupils Receive Their GCSE Results

California's White High School Students Outperform Latinos on College Entry Exams

California's Latino and white high school students continue to perform quite differently on college entry examinations. For the last four years, performance gaps on ACT college entrance examinations have persisted between the two groups, with Latinos on the lower end of the scoring spectrum, according to new data.
Wilmington College

College Hazing Ritual Gone Wrong: 14 Fraternity Members Arrested After Pledge Loses a Testicle

Fourteen Ohio college students were arrested Thursday night and charged with hazing after an initiation rituals last October cost a student one of his testicles.

NY High School Student Accepted to All Ivy League Schools Decides on Yale

The high school senior from Long Island who was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools announced that he will go to Yale University.
Report: US Education System Neglects Almost Half of the Nation’s Black and Latino Male Students

Scholarships Helping Latinos Enroll in College

Barriers obstructing young Latinos’ path when seeking higher education are being bulldozed by young Latinos’ desire to succeed, and growing access to funds set aside for the Latino students who intend to attend college

Financing Your Education Through Prepaid Tuition or College Savings Plans

The average 4-year undergraduate degree at a state college costs $18,391 to obtain.

AP Football Poll 2013: Alabama Stays No. 1, Fresno State Enters at No. 25

The AP College Football Poll remained largely unchanged across the top this week.
Pres. Obama in Buffalo, NY

Obama College Plan 2013: President Ties Financial Aid to Performance, Reduces Loan Payments

The commander-in-chief outlined a plan that would link financial aid with performance while also making loan payments more affordable and realistic.

Hispanic College Attendance Rate Surpasses Whites, Hits Record High

For the first time, the percentage of Hispanic high school graduates who go on to attend college is higher than that of their white counterparts.
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