Avianca Files for Bankruptcy as a Last Resort to Restore Operations

The world’s second-oldest functioning airline, Avianca, filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, as the “unforeseeable impact” of the coronavirus pandemic swept the commercial air company to the brink of collapse.
Aerial view of a city in Mexico

How to Live in Latin America on Less Than $1000 a Month

Five easy ways to live in Latin America without spending more than $1000 a month.
Looking at Top Contenders for 2019 FIFA World Cup

To Russia, With Love: A Look at the Top Contenders For the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup came to an end on Sunday and now it is time to start planning for the next one in four years. One of the most interesting storylines obviously revolves on which sides will be major contenders four years from now. Here is a look at the teams that should be contending for the top prize in four years time.
Colombia vs. Columbia

Colombians Launch Social Media Movement to Correct Misspellings of Country's Name

Imagine a spelling bee where the contestant is asked to spell the South American country Colombia and he or she spells "C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A." If you're not Colombian, it may seem like just a harmless mistake from a middle schooler. Now imagine a top executive at a major company or an A-list celebrity or professional athlete with millions of followers on social media who tweets about Colombia with a "u." How do Colombian affiliates, investors, Latino audience or fan base feel about that?

South America and Valentine's Day Traditions

San Valentín, in Latin America, is a day reserved for passion, sensual love, expectations, and the material exchange of tokens of affection, all to show devotion and commitment. Valentine’s Day in many Latin American countries also promotes “acts of appreciation” for friends, applauding non-romantic love.
A shopping mall employee gift-wraps a perfume in Frankfurt in this November 28, 2009 file photo.

Ecuador, Colombia & More: Unwrapping Latin America's Gift-Giving Etiquette

Throughout Latin America, gift-giving etiquette differs, varying depending on customs, cultures, traditions and climates. Presenting an item to someone without expectation or payment; or exchanging with the expectation of reciprocity isn't specific to the holiday season or Latin Americans, but the mutual exchange of money, goods, gifts and kindness is something that is shared in the Latin American community, and it speaks to the tradition of Spanish culture and nonverbal communication.

Demi Lovato: How the Disney Star-Turned-Cocaine Smuggler Helped 'Support' the Illegal U.S. & South American Drug Trades

Legal and illegal drug use is all around us, from Canada, the U.S. to Latin America and beyond. We've seen Toronto's Mayor Tom Ford admit to smoking crack cocaine, Colorado and Washington states give the 'green light' to recreational marijuana use, and Uruguay become the first country in the world to legalize the trade of marijuana (in an effort to decriminalize the drug industry) -- and recently, Disney and "X Factor" fans have learned that singer/songwriter Demi Lovato was smuggling cocaine on airplanes at age 19.

'Reina Madre' Prison Beauty Pageant Gives Inmates an Opportunity to Strut Their Stuff

These Colombian prisoners may have thought that their time for judgment was over the moment that they left the court room, but as it turns out, they were in for a whole different type of judgment in prison, as contestants in the increasingly popular "Reina Madre" prison beauty pageant.
Sofia Vergara

Columbia-born Star, Sofia Vergara, Is the Richest Woman In Television

Barranquilla, Colombia-born beauty, Sofia Vergara is the richest actress on U.S. television, according to Forbes Magazine, earning $19 Million this past year.
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