Fluffy Breaks Even

Behind the Scenes: Gabriel Iglesias Takes Control, Creates 'Fluffy Breaks Even'

As he himself notes in the ensuing interview, Gabriel Iglesias has had to come a long way to success, overcoming stereotypes and labeling. For his hard work and drive, Iglesias, also known comically as "Fluffy," has placed himself in a position where he is virtually untouchable.

Chespirito Has Been Painting Despite Health Concerns; Star Says He 'Alive & Handsome'

Sources close to Chespirito once again say the comedian is doing fine, but his old co-star also gives his two cents.
Anjelah Johnson

'MADTv' Comedian Anjelah Johnson Shares Her Journey to Success and the Origins of Bon Qui Qui

The vulgar fast food employee Bon Qui Qui is just one of the instruments from observational comic Anjelah Johnson's comedic toolbox. The Mexican/Native American funnywoman, who launched her career on "MADTv", has kept audiences laughing for years with her colorful impressions and animated retellings, appearing in films, on stage, and in numerous television series. But, funny enough, the former NFL cheerleader never had the desire to be a comedian.

Comedic Great Sid Caesar Dead at 91

Native New Yorker Sid Caesar, one of the "Golden Age of Television's" most successful comedians, passed away Wednesday.

'The D-Train' Release Date, Cast & Plot Updates: Jack Black and James Marsden Team Up in New Comedy

James Marsden joins forces with Jack Black in the new comedy film "The D-Train."
Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson, Fred Armisen & More Latin Post Picks for Great Latino Comedians

George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Carlos Mencia's names are some of the first to come to mind when thinking of Latino comedians, but there's a number of valuable comedians with Latin roots who are brazen and brilliant, and offer stellar commentary on la raza's experience in America, or are just plain ol' hilarious.
Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Shows Some Skin in 'Fading Gigolo'

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian bombshell, plays the role of Sharon Stone’s girlfriend in the film "Finding Gigolo," and is said to strip down to mere lingerie for steamy scenes that she shares with the 55-year-old veteran actress and actor John Turturro.
Tina Fey Makes Fun of Her Wardrobe Malfunction and Appears Topless on SNL

Tina Fey 'Topless' SNL Promo: Saturday Night Live Alum Spoofs 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

Tina Fay Makes Fun of Her Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmys and Appears Topless on SNL
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