Undocumented Immigrants Deal With Limited Healthcare Options

Despite the recently launched Affordable Care Act providing limited access for undocumented immigrants to Medicaid and private health insurance companies, the federal law prohibits them from those programs.
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Obamacare Website & Deadline: Californians Rush To Sign Up For Obamacare Before Deadlin

As the enrollment for Affordable Care Act coverage nears its Monday deadline, an increase in California citizens have been in a race to get through the website's troublesome problems that have plagued it since first launching last fall.

Latinos, Young People Still Lag Behind in California Healthcare Enrollment as Obamacare Deadline Approaches

Enrollment in Obamacare coverage in California is up as the deadline draws closer, but according to a new report, Latinos and young people still lag behind in coverage.
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Obamacare's Latino Problem? Bad Marketing, Says Hispanic Marketing Firm in California

Latinos aren't signing up for the Affordable Care Act's healthcare marketplaces in droves, as President Obama's administration expected. Now a Hispanic market research firm in California says it has the reason why: the marketing was all wrong.
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