Hacking Team in Latin America

Latin American Governments Paid This Company to Spy on Their Citizens

The Italian spyware company Hacking Team provided services to governments across Latin America, some of which were used to spy on political dissenters, journalists, and other non-criminal targets, according to a new report.
Barack Obama

Obama's Call for Student and Consumer Data Protection Laws: Critics Already See Cracks

This week, President Obama called for new laws protecting Americans from the kind of massive data breaches that defined the consumer cybersecurity narrative in 2014, along with a proposal to limit technology companies' use of student data.
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Cybercrime Affected Half of American Adults and is Beating Firms

New data indicates that nearly half of American adults have been hacked in the last 12 months and that cyber criminals are gaining the upper edge against corporations.
How are Marketers Reaching Latinos? Top Hispanic Marketers Discuss What to Expect in 2015

Target Credit Card Breach: Retailer Failed to Act on Warnings

Target's massive credit breach could have been prevented, it turns out. The No. 3 U.S. retailer apparently received security warnings about the breach but ignored them, allowing the largest credit card heist to occur right under its nose.

Target Credit Card Breach Deters Shoppers at Retailer in Early 2014

Shoppers are wary of Target, new retail data shows, after the retailer suffered from one of the largest credit card security breaches in history last year.
Cybercrime Timeline

Over 200 New Cyberthreats Per Minute in 2013, Says McAfee

Cybercrime is on the rise at an unprecedented rate, according to a new McAfee report. McAfee notes new threats are so numerous that its labs recorded more than 200 new threats a minute, or more than three every second.

Target Credit Card Breach's Origin? A Simple Phishing Email - Report

Human error: what a big mess it can make. New details in the credit card breach that hit Target stores over the holiday shopping season point to a phishing email sent to Target's refrigeration contractor as the staring point of the whole debacle.

Target Credit Card Breach: How the Hackers Got In and How Consumers' Relationship with Credit Cards Might Change

Some new details are emerging about how the hackers who breached Target's credit card system and installed malware on their point of sales terminals managed to accomplish their cyber-heist.
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