Latinos in the U.S. With Darker Skin Face More Discrimination, New Study Shows

Latinos in the U.S. With Darker Skin Face More Discrimination, New Study Shows

A new Pew Research Center study found that darker skin among Latinos can impact their everyday lives and long-term success in the United States.
Outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in El Salvador

Chinese Immigrant Found Murdered in Mexico, Authorities Deny Coronavirus Discrimination Killing

Law enforcement officials in Mexico are investigating the murder of a Chinese immigrant in the state of Chihuahua. They ruled out coronavirus racial discrimination as a possible motive for the fatal shooting.
U.S. citizens are waiting on line outside the Georgia Department of Driver Services

Georgia Officials Fired for Discrimination of a Puerto Rican

A deputy director was fired, and a senior manager was demoted, following the denial of a Puerto Rican man's driver's license.
Haitians Migrants Suffer from Discrimination and Deportation in Bahamas

Haitian Migrants Suffer from Discrimination and Deportation in Bahamas

Amidst discrimination and racial profiling by the Bahamans, hundreds of Haitian migrants in the Bahamas are on the brink of deportation.
Pat McCrory

North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law HB2 Violates the Civil Rights Act In These Four Ways

The North Carolina Law HB2 continues to be extremely controversial as the U.S department of Justice has just sent an open letter to Governor Pat McCrory stating that the law, now nicknamed "The Bathroom" law, goes against civil rights.
City of Baltimore, City hall

Is Baltimore Discriminating Against Latino Business Owners?

The city of Baltimore is treating Latino businesses unfairly, according to some Latino business owners in the region. The owners claim the city is targeting Hispanic-run establishments, often shutting them down for illegitimate reasons.
Vanita Gupta

Bank to Pay $18 Million to Latinos, Blacks for Overcharging Car Loans

An $18 million settlement has been finalized over allegations a bank discriminated against Latino and black borrowers.
The New York Times

New York Times Sued for Age and Gender Discrimination

A suit filed against the New York Times and its chief revenue officer Meredith Levien alleges that when Levien started to downsize employees in 2013 she did so by targeting older and minority employees for dismissal.
Rally In Support Of Police Officers Takes Place At NY City Hall

Blacks, Hispanics and Democrats More Skeptical of Police: Study

While there is widespread agreement that race relations in the U.S. are in a sorry state, but racial division exists regarding race relations' contribution to police violence. Multicultural groups in the U.S. are far more skeptical than whites about law enforcement's efforts to control crime. Also, Democrats are more disposed to mistrust law enforcement.
US Supreme Court

Supreme Court to Hear Ex-UPS Employee's Case on Pregnancy Discrimination, Workers' Rights

The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments that would clarify the terms of the Pregnant Discrimination Act of 1978. The case came after Peggy Young, a part-time delivery truck driver for UPS, became pregnant and UPS denied her request to carry items less than 20 pounds.
east haven

East Haven, Connecticut, Agrees to Change Immigration Enforcement Laws, Pay $450,000 to Latinos

East Haven, Connecticut, will pay a settlement of $450,000 in a civil rights lawsuit filed by Latino residents. In addition, the town will limit what local police can do when enforcing illegal immigration laws.
Cincinnati Catholic Schools

Cincinnati Catholic School Forces Morality Contract, List of 'Do-Nots' on Teachers

A revised contract agreement that teachers at a Catholic school in Cincinnati are required to sign in order to continue teaching has several staff members outraged.
Greg Abbott

Wendy Davis Opponent and Texas GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott Panned for Underpaying Female Employees

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and his office recently came under scrutiny after figures revealed that most of his female assistant attorneys make less than their male counterparts, on average, despite having the same job qualifications. The attorney general's office claims that the difference in pay can be explained by the number of years that men have been licensed as lawyers and served at the agency, yet the figures provided by Abbott's office show no direct correlation between pay and experience.
Stop and Frisk

Latinos Feel More Discriminated Against Than Others, Says Poll

Stop-and-frisk is the long endured practice whereby police officers in New York City have stopped and questioned hundreds of thousands of pedestrians, particularly African-Americans and Latinos;The program functions as sanctioned racial profiling and permitted discrimination.
Zoe Saldana

Afro-Latinos Are Often Unaccepted by Both Blacks & Latinos

Blackness complemented by Spanish-ready speech is confusing for many, and it immediately prompts questions of nationality, language, status, and ethnicity. Afro-Latinos in the U.S. and abroad are often approached with skepticism and exoticism; their skin-tone and speech forcing them into a position of "other" ...and often, they gain discrimination from both the Latino and Black communities.

Discrimination Affects Panamanians of African Descent

Panama is the southernmost country of Central America, bordered by Costa Rica and Colombia. Its inhabitants' ethnic makeup is Mestizo (mixed white and Native American) 66 percent, Blacks/African descent 16 percent, white 8 percent, and Amerindian 10 percent; the Amerindian population including seven indigenous peoples. Panama's second largest population, Panamanians of African descent, are targeted for discrimination at multiple levels, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
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