Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Major Cable, Satellite Companies Hike Prices

Those who have been paying exorbitant prices for their pay TV packages on cable and satellite are about to get some bad news: Nearly all of the major pay TV companies across the nation are about to raise their prices for customers currently subscribing to their services.
DISH Network Sling TV: Sling Latino

Sling Latino Adds Univision Local Broadcasts, Hinting at Internet TV's Next Evolution

Sling TV just announced it has added local live broadcasts from Univision and UniMás to its Spanish-language OTT streaming service, Sling Latino. It's a first for the company and a sign of how it might evolve next.
KlowdTV OTT Streaming Internet TV startup, now with Spanish-language channels

Startup KlowdTV Wades Into Crowded Latino Internet TV Market

While DirecTV and DISH have both leveraged their established pay-TV businesses to launch OTT (over-the-top) Internet streaming TV aimed at Latino audiences earlier this year, one year-old startup KlowdTV has decided to enter the fray by adding an assortment of 29 Spanish-language channels to its micro-bundle Internet TV selection.
Dish Network

Dish Network and T-Mobile Merger: Suitor at the Banks

Dish Network is currently seeking between $10 billion and $15 billion in loans to acquire T-Mobile, showing that a deal between the two is being seriously considered.

With Sling Latino Launch, Sling TV Looks to Become the Top Choice for Cord-Cutting Latino Families

The first true Internet TV OTT (over-the-top) streaming subscription service in the U.S., DirecTV's Yaveo, was aimed squarely at Latinos. Now that audience of tech-savvy cord cutters has proved valuable enough for the budding industry's leader, DISH's Sling TV, to create its own special Latino branded service.
microsoft Xbox One

Sling TV Comes to Xbox One, While Content Partnerships Gains More Momentum

Sling TV, the potentially game changing Internet TV package for cord cutters by DISH Network, just added a new platform, new extras, and more content to its core package, which costs $20 per month for live streaming and on demand TV.
Joe Clayton, President and CEO of DISH Network

Dish's Sling TV Partners with Univision, As Battle Over Online Latino Viewers Begins

The battle for the cord-cutting, Internet savvy Latino viewer is heating up, as DISH network's Sling TV announced this week it would be adding Univision Spanish-language content to its live and on-demand Internet TV lineup.
Joe Clayton, President and CEO of DISH Network

CES 2015: The Most Important News From The Week

The Consumer Electronics Show is wrapping up its week in Las Vegas, and while the majority of the focus is (obviously) consumer electronics, these three big can't-miss announcements dominated the headlines for CES 2015.
David Cohen, Robert Marcus Time Warner Cable Comcast Merger

Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger: New Arguments Emerge Against Proposed Buyout

This summer is a landmark period for the evolving Internet in the U.S., with new Open Internet rules being considered by the FCC and a couple of big media mergers being debated. Recently, a few new arguments against the biggest merger on the table -- that of Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, to the second largest, Time Warner Cable -- have emerged from Dish Network, Netflix, and the response to an Internet outage.

T-Mobile to Iliad: Your Merger Offer Isn't Good Enough

T-Mobile Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter made it clear the company won't be sold that easily, and that French carrier Iliad's $15 billion offer simply isn't good enough.
Dish Network

Dish Network Seen as Favorable T-Mobile Suitor After Sprint's Failed Merger Attempt

Dish Network is poised to be a favorable suitor to T-Mobile, say Moody's analysts, and if the second-largest satellite TV provider in the United States makes a solid bid, it could make T-Mobile a formidable force in the wireless industry.
Time Warner

Dish Network Blasts Comcast and Time Warner Merger

As lawmakers ready themselves to take a long, hard look at a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, satellite TV provider Dish Network has come out saying the entire deal should be denied.
Dish Network Charlie Ergen

AT&T and DirecTV Merger: Dish Network Tried Too

Looks like DirecTV is one hot commodity around the telecommunications block. Recent documents show that Dish Network was also interested in purchasing DirecTV and that talks stopped only this year in light of AT&T's offer.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Could Dish Network Swoop In?

T-Mobile seems to be the hottest neighbor on the block. Satellite TV provider Dish Network could step in to buy out the nation's fourth-largest wireless carrier if Sprint's plans to acquire the company don't go through.
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