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Latino Entrepreneurs Are Rapidly Creating Startups But Why Is Early Funding So Rare?

Latinos are creating businesses at a faster rate than the average for entrepreneurs. But only about one percent of Latino-owned businesses receive the early funding so important (and common) to many average startups. What gives?
500 Startups Dave McClure batch 15 announcement

500 Startups' Latest Graduating Class Is 10 Percent Latino

On Tuesday, the influential and well-connected startup accelerator and seed funder 500 Startups held demo day for "Batch 15," the latest class of up and coming entrepreneurs now being unleashed upon Silicon Valley. And it's one of the most diverse so far, as women lead a third, 15 percent were founded by Blacks, and 10 percent are led by Latinos.

Kapor Capital Seeks to Build Diversity Into the Bedrock of Startups with 'Founders' Commitment'

Venture capital firm Kapor Capital has decided to boost diversity in the next generation of Silicon Valley companies, by building commitments to it early.
Diversity in Venture Capital, 2015 Report Latino makeup

Diversity in Tech: An Eye-Opening Look at Venture Captial's Decision Makers

Silicon Valley's represnatives are only part of the problem with diversity in technology. The other center of power is known as Sand Hill Road, a part of Silicon Valley that's the center of private equity for the tech industry.
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