Drug Arrests

COVID-19 Lockdown Crippled Drug Cartels Costing Them Millions of Dollars

Nationwide lockdown measures have crippled the activities of the smugglers, making it even harder to launder money and transfer cash from across the border.

US Navy Ships To Move In On Venezuela Following Counter-Narcotics Operations

The Trump administration has deployed US forces to Venezuela following the indictment of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.
Tunnel in Mexico

A "New" Old US-Mexico Border Tunnel Discovered After 30 Years

126th tunnel that was used to smuggle deadly drugs into the United States was found under the street of Nogales.
Large Elaborate Drug Tunnel Found Along U.S. Mexico Border

Drug Smuggling Tunnel Detectors Are the Latest in the Technological Arms Race Between Cartels and US Authorities

In the technologically escalating battle between drug smugglers and law enforcement, U.S. agents are looking to Israel's "underground Iron Dome" for a new tool to gain the upper hand.
Drug Smuggling Tunnel

ICE, Mexican Authorities Find Two Drug Tunnels At San Diego Border

Immigration and Customs Enforcement found two new border-crossing tunnels earlier this week, which runs through the Mexico-San Diego border. The discovery, announced on Friday, marks the sixth and seventh tunnels found in the last four years.
Rio Grande

Texas' Rio Grande Valley Operates as a Major Marijuana and Drug Smuggling Corridor

Federal law enforcement agencies have struggled to reduce the amount of marijuana smuggled into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border while the Rio Grande poses as its biggest challenge.
Meth bust

War On Drugs: 70 Percent of Meth Supply in U.S. Enters Through California, Report Says

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris released a report Thursday revealing that the state has become an entry port for methamphetamine sales in the country, the LA Times reported
Honduran rain forest

Latin American Drug Trade Ruining Ecosystems in Central America

The illegal drug trade in Latin America is hurting precious rainforests in more ways than previously known about, according to a scientific new study released this week.

Demi Lovato: How the Disney Star-Turned-Cocaine Smuggler Helped 'Support' the Illegal U.S. & South American Drug Trades

Legal and illegal drug use is all around us, from Canada, the U.S. to Latin America and beyond. We've seen Toronto's Mayor Tom Ford admit to smoking crack cocaine, Colorado and Washington states give the 'green light' to recreational marijuana use, and Uruguay become the first country in the world to legalize the trade of marijuana (in an effort to decriminalize the drug industry) -- and recently, Disney and "X Factor" fans have learned that singer/songwriter Demi Lovato was smuggling cocaine on airplanes at age 19.

Yanira Maldonado, Arizona Housewife, Freed From Mexican Prison [Video]

The mother of seven from Arizona has finally been reunited with her family after nine days in jail.

Yanira Maldonado Update: Mother of 7 Accused of Smuggling Drugs From Mexico Gives Interview From Prison

The Arizona mother of seven is pleading for her freedom after being arrested on drug smuggling charges in Mexico.

Yanira Maldonado Drug Smuggling Charges False, Says Family of Arizona Housewife Imprisoned in Mexico

The family of the mother of seven proclaims her innocence, stating that she has never been involved with drugs and was framed.
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