Couple Sue eBay After Receiving Bloody Pig Mask, Funeral Wreath, Book on Grief, Live Cockroaches From Former Employees

Couple Sue eBay After Receiving Bloody Pig Mask, Funeral Wreath, Live Cockroaches From Former Employees

A couple had filed a federal lawsuit against eBay, accusing the e-retail company of subjecting them to a systemic campaign of harassment and cyberstalking.
OfferUp Tap that App screenshot, browsing

Tap That App: OfferUp Resurrects the Garage Sale On Your Phone

This week on Tap That App, we take a hands-on look at OfferUp, an app for iOS and Android (and available on the web) that is taking the local garage sale into the 21st century -- on your smartphone.
Google Search

Google Reportedly Adding Buy Button to Mobile Product Searches

Google will reportedly launch a buy button for users searching products through their mobile devices, thrusting the search giant into the online marketplace wars against behemoths such as eBay and Amazon.
ebay fashion, beauty

The Beholder's Beauty: eBay Fashion Explores Seattle and New York to Uncover Personal Views on Beauty

eBay Fashion Blog, a subsidiary of the well-known virtual yard sale, in an effort to learn more about personal beauty, sent two photographers into the streets of Seattle and New York City to interview 80 random individuals, who revealed what they found beautiful about themselves.
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Threat Level Thursday: Cybercriminals Are Gaining the Upper Hand

This week's Threat Level Thursday brings pretty much nothing but bad news for anyone connected to the web.

Threat Level Thursday: What the Chinese Hacked From the U.S., Change Your eBay Password, and Congress Trying to Curb NSA

This week was particularly revelatory in the world of cyber security: the U.S. formally charged five Chinese military officials with cybertheft, eBay announced it was hacked, and it turns out the National Security Agency has been listening to some countries in Central America while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to try to curb the NSA's practices.

eBay Hacked: 145 Million Customers Affected by Data Breach; Company Urges Users to Change Passwords

Could be the biggest data breach in history.

eBay Launches Spanish, Portuguese Language Websites for Latin American Consumers

eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces with 145 million active buyers globally, has made online shopping easier for Latin Americans by adding Spanish and Portuguese versions of its website.
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Announces Anti-Gun Initiative Against Illicit Firearms Sales

The social media company Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced that over the next few weeks it would implement a new set of restrictions on commercial activity use of the sites.
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Drake OVO X Air Jordan Sneakers Not Worth $100,000, eBay Auctions Powered By Trolls

Recently, Drake fans received free pairs of unreleased Jordans from Drake's upcoming line. The shoes sold on eBay for a shocking $100,000 and $20,000, but according to one of the sellers, both auctioneers received much less money.
drake weather Website and App: Fan Site Tells Forecast in Style of Nothing Was the Same Album

Drake has tackled acting, rapping, fashion and live comedy, and now his image is being used for yet another venture: the weather.
drake jordan sneakers

Drake X Air Jordan Shoes: Rare Kicks Cost $100,000 on eBay

Drake's new line of Air Jordan sneakers has not even hit stores yet, but the rare kicks are already selling for a staggering $100,000 on the Internet.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Game Consoles Still In Stock Online

One of the top game consoles appears to be pulling away in terms of sales, for now at least
xbox one photo

Xbox One Day One Edition Photo Sells for $735 on eBay

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of an Xbox One Day One edition, on the other hand, is worth $735.

Aaron Hernandez Jersey eBay Auctions Fetch Record Prices

Though he will soon be on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez's memorabilia has never sold better.
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