Sadly, one of many recent attacks to rock Coptic Christians In Egypt.

Gunmen Kill 26 Egyptian Christians In Bus Attack

These killings come off the heels of recent strikes against the religious minority.

Oscar 2017 Predictions: Will Cannes selection 'Clash' get Egypt its first Oscar Nomination?

"Clash" will represent Egypt at the Academy Awards.
Argentina Forward Lionel Messi

New FIFA Rankings Released: Argentina, Lionel Messi in First Place

The new FIFA world soccer rankings have officially been released. Huge surprises, disappointments and moves are listed. Damon Salvadore takes an in depth look at some of the biggest snubs and surprises.
Egyptian Protestors

Human Rights Group Says Egypt Committed Crimes Against Humanity

A New York-based human rights group released a report Tuesday that Egyptian authorities have committed humanitarian crimes.
Cairo Negotiations about Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Israeli Delegation Arrives in Cairo as 72-House Cease-Fire Takes Effect

An Israeli delegation arrived in Cairo Monday to continue talks in an effort to achieve a lasting peace in Gaza and Israel.
Hamas/Islamic Jihad Supporters

Cease-Fire Ends as Palestinians Launch Rockets Into Israel

The 72-hour cease-fire ended between Israel and Gaza when Palestinian groups firing rockets into southern Israel.
Israeli Soldiers Killed

Israel & Gaza Strip Breaking News: 13 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Clashes as Palestinian Death Toll Rises

Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza Sunday as they tried to eliminate a Hamas tunnel.
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Hamas Launches Rockets into Israel, Ending Cease-fire

Hamas ended a cease-fire between Gaza and Israel Thursday by launching rockets into Southern Israel.
Three Al-Jazeera Journalists Sentenced by Egyptian Court

Three Al-Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison by Egyptian Court, Despite Lack of Evidence

Three journalists for Al-Jazeera English were sentenced to seven years in prison by an Egyptian court Monday.
Egypt Minya Criminal Court Mass Sentencing

Egyptian Court Upholds Death Sentences for 183, Including Muslim Brotherhood Leader

A high court in Egypt upheld death sentences for 183 people, including a top member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egypt Presidential Elections

Despite Sisi Mandate, Egypt Sees Low Voter Turnout in Presidential Election

Despite a mandate by former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that all but declares his victory in the Egypt presidential election, there has been especially low voter turnout.

Egypt Revolution 2013: Hosni Mubarak Released, Transferred to House Arrest

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak emerged from prison today with a smile on his face before getting transported to a military hospital for house arrest

Egypt Revolution 2013: Former President Hosni Mubarak Officially Ordered Released

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could be free as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

Egypt Revolution 2013: Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Arrested as Country Remains in Turmoil

Just days after hundreds of people died amidst violent clashes in Egypt, the nation's police forces arrested the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie.
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