El Museo del Barrio's Summer Exhibition Lineup Features Rodriguez Calero, the Young Lords and Contemporary Collages

El Museo del Barrio, a gem located in the heart of East Harlem, has opened its doors to the city with a summer lineup featuring exhibits "Rodriguez Calero: Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos," "Cut N' Mix: Contemporary Collage" and "Presente! The Young Lords in New York."

New York City's El Museo del Barrio Fosters the Growth of Aspiring Latino Artists

New York City is one of the greatest art capitals of the world and houses some of the most coveted works in top-tier museums and galleries. Among them is New York El Museo del Barrio, which has celebrated the talents of Latino artists, putting them on the map in the art world on a local and global scale.

Latin American Museums Around the Nation

Latinos' experiences continue to grow in America and abroad; history's hand collectively grasps at information while generations of Latinos look to the past to uncover the traditions, practices and creations of their ancestors. For this, museums are perfect. They act as time capsules, and able to offer patrons polarized frames of existence. Salvador Dali's painting The Persistence of Memory and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel Cien anos de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude) solidify a time, a place and an experience, without an explicit announcement of placement.
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