Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Major Labor Union AFL-CIO Votes to Endorse Clinton for President

A federation comprising of 56 unions, representing more than 12 million members, have voted to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta, Actress Alicia Machado Describes the 'Year of Hate'

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Legend Dolores Huerta, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Alicia Machado
GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Trump’s Orlando Shooting Speech Takes Aim on ‘Dysfunctional’ Immigration, Renews Muslim Ban Pitch

Following the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Donald Trump reiterated his immigration stance on Monday that would temporarily ban Muslims entering the U.S.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Revokes Press Credentials From the Newspaper That Exposed the ‘Watergate’ Scandal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced he has revoked the press credentials of a major U.S. newspaper -- the same newspaper the revealed the Watergate scandal.
Donald Trump

Congressional Hispanic Lawmakers to Paul Ryan: Tell Donald Trump to Apologize for 'Blatantly Racist' Attacks on Latino Judge Curiel

Latino lawmakers from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus took aim at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday morning over his inquiry of a Hispanic judge's ethnicity and unfounded bias in the Trump University alleged fraud case.
Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

As the Senior Latino in the Senate: Menendez Condemns Trump's 'Downright Dangerous' Racist Remarks on Hispanic Judge

There are only three Latinos in the U.S. Senate, and the most senior of them all took Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to task for remarks against ethnic minorities.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Claims Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nomination, But Bernie Sanders Fights On

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party on Tuesday night following
California demonstrators stage immigration protest against Donald Trump.

Latino Civil, Political Groups Lash Out Against Donald Trump's Attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Prominent Latinos and Latino groups are fed up with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about the Mexican American judge taking on the Trump University alleged fraud case.
Bernie Sanders

California Democratic Presidential Primary Could Be Too Close to Call

The California presidential primary is on Tuesday, home to the largest number of pledged delegates at stake for either Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Latino Victory Project President Cristobal J. Alex.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Taps Latino Victory Project President to Strengthen Their Voter Outreach

Further signaling her focus on the general election against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has tapped on Cristóbal J. Alex as her campaign's deputy director of voter outreach and mobilization.
Hillary Clinton

Puerto Rico Primary Results: Democrats Vote Hillary Clinton But Far Lower Turnout Than 2008 Election

The results are slowly trickling in but it does appear Hillary Clinton will win her second Puerto Rico presidential primary.
Voters In Super Tuesday States Cast Their Ballots

The Hispanic Vote in New Mexico, Home to U.S. First Latina Governor, Reaches New Highs for 2016 Election

New Mexico will be among a handful of primary states voting next Tuesday, and one of the leading non-partisan Latino organizations predict Latinos will have a high turnout come the general election in November.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

RNC Quickly Names Helen Aguirre Ferré As New Hispanic Communications Director After Departure of Hispanic Official

The Republican National Committee announced a new Director of Hispanic Communications following the departure of another Latina Republican in the RNC's media department.
Gary Johnson

Americans Have A Third Party Presidential Candidate, But What's Libertarian Gary Johnson's Immigration Stance?

American citizens will have a third presidential option this November with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico, where Latinos currently comprise 47 percent of the state's population. One stance Latinos may want to keep an eye on is Johnson’s views on immigration.
Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz

Indiana Primary Result Forces Ted Cruz to Abort Presidential Campaign While Trump Assumes Presumptive Nominee Status

The Indiana presidential primary provided some Latino groups a clearer picture of the general election as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suspended his campaign, which improves Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.
Ted Cruz

Polls Suggest Indiana Primary Results Tonight Could End Ted Cruz's Presidential Dreams

Indiana is home to 167,000 Latino eligible voters, and while not all of the electorate will turnout on Tuesday, the Indiana primary will still play a crucial role in Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations.
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