Tim Cook, Apple

WhatsApp and Snapchat Close Ranks, Expand Encryption Amid Fight Between Apple and FBI

WhatsApp has decided to expand its encryption scheme to voice calls, as the fight between the U.S. government and Apple expands to include other major technology firms.
Tim Cook, Apple

Apple's Possible Supreme Court Argument Against FBI Could be 'Code is Protected Speech'

Here's the free speech argument Apple may end up using to defend itself and its encrypted devices.

Google, Facebook, Tech Firms Urge Obama Not to Undermine Encryption

More than 140 tech companies wrote to the President Tuesday imploring that encryption standards not be compromised in a world where protecting data is becoming evermore important.
Barack Obama

Obama's Call for Student and Consumer Data Protection Laws: Critics Already See Cracks

This week, President Obama called for new laws protecting Americans from the kind of massive data breaches that defined the consumer cybersecurity narrative in 2014, along with a proposal to limit technology companies' use of student data.

Threat Level Thursday: NSA's Search Engine, Encryption, and Android's Weakness

Welcome to this week's Threat Level Thursday, where we'll see how the NSA shares its information with other law enforcement agencies, the power of encryption, how Android may be the bane of some Android apps, and the unnerving conviction of a former U.S. cybersecurity official.

Exclusive: Enigmedia Encryption Startup Secures, Gives Complete Data Ownership to Clients from Banks to Governments

Encryption has become an important issue with many organizations following the growing interest of securing privacy, and one startup company has worked on securing communications.
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