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Latina Entrepreneurship: Hispanic Women Own Nearly 1.5 Million Businesses Nationwide

Women-owned business growth has been swelling for years. Non-white, multicultural women are the secret force behind overall progress and the introduction of more than $1.5 trillion in revenue to the nation's economy, according to a new report.
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2014’s Best and Worst Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs Revealed

In recent years, Hispanics have been launching businesses at a record rate, piloting industries at twice the rate of the national rate. Business-minded and natural risk-takers, it's no surprise that Hispanics often create their own home-based and/or small business, which goes to produce in-home revenue, as well as revenue for their community.

Bias in Banking: Minority Business Owners Suffer More Scrutiny, Offered Less Help

When Latino and black entrepreneurs enter banks to secure a loan to jumpstart their small businesses, they are given less information, asked more questions regarding their personal finances, and are offered less help with their application than white loan applicants.
Scrubbs Cleaning

Scrubbs Cleaning: Salvadoran-American Owned Business Does 'Domestic' Work with Purpose and Pride

Scrubbs Cleaning Inc., established in March 2013, was built from the ground up using hard work -pun intended. Often on hands and knees, scrubbing and grinding against grime, or perched high, wiping and dusting against grit, Devin Escobar, his cousin Evelyn Marcia, and her boyfriend, Oscar Azucar do this "domestic" work with purpose, pride and intention.
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