George Hanson

Tucson Desert Song Festival Paves the Way for Smaller Regional Organizations [Exclusive]

A look at the Tucson Desert Song Festival and its importance through the eyes of festival director George Hanson.
Jackie Cruz

Jackie Cruz Builds An Identity Outside of 'OITNB' [Exclusive]

Jackie Cruz talks about her life outside of "Orange is the New Black."
Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro Wants Studios to Recognize Fans Awaiting 'Hellboy 3'

Guillermo del Toro talks to Latin Post about "Hellboy 3."
Michael Pena

'Ant-Man's' Michael Pena Talks Favorite Superheroes, Opportunities For Latinos in Film, and His Son [EXCLUSIVE]

Michael Pena talks to Latin Post about "Ant-Man."

Nuyorican Poet Lemon Andersen Shares Poetry and Insight at Voto Latino Power Summit

Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. exited the stage at the Voto Latino Power Summit on April 12, and Voto Latino's CEO and President Maria Teresa Kumar thanked Diaz for his powerful and well-chosen words before she called up a man whom she simply called Lemon. Lemon Andersen (born Andrew Andersen) is a Tony Award-winning poet, spoken word artist and an actor, who was an original cast member of "Russell Simmons' Def Jam" on Broadway, and he has shot four films with Spike Lee.
Ruben Diaz Jr

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. Expresses the Benefits of Being Politically Motivated

The 40-year-old Democrat was elected into office five years prior to his father's election to the New York City Council, and was in fact the youngest person elected to the legislative since Theodore Roosevelt. During his stay with the Assembly, Diaz has sponsored, co-sponsored and passed legislation that's addressed public record access, tenants' rights, environmental racism and senior citizens' rights.
Maria Teresa Kumar

Millennials Learn the Value of Leadership From Maria Teresa Kumar, Rosario Dawson and Wilmer Valderrama

Millennials and tween-agers filled the ranks; filed in close, stood-at-attention, ready to absorb knowledge and wisdom. Maria Teresa Kumar, Rosario Dawson, and Wilmer Valderrama arrived ready to lay down knowledge on the doting audience -offering valuable perspective on Latino emergence, prevalence, and the excellence of the group.
Alfredo Lomeli

Alfredo Lomeli Shares Hopes For the Future

There a great number of achievements that the incredibly capable Bilingual ESPN anchor Alfredo Lomeli wants for his future, and that includes staying in the sports industry, staying true to his passions, and being able to pay off his parent's mortgage.
Alfredo Lomeli

ESPN Anchor Alfredo Lomeli's Thoughts on Successes Achieved Through Competitiveness and 'Can-do' Spirit

With many screen and stage appearances in his pocket, bilingual ESPN anchor Alfredo Lomeli has a great many successes that he can easily recite, and he is grateful for all of the opportunities that he's been afforded because of his parents' relentless support and because of a 'can-do' spirit.

Spanish-Language March of Dimes Site Offers Incredible Information

"¡Bienvenidos a nacersano y a la familia de March of Dimes!" are some of the welcoming words one might find when encountering the spank brand new, re-launched Spanish-language March of Dimes website; a site that's geared toward providing valuable, life-saving information to Latina mothers and would-be mother who're concerned about loss due to premature labor or birth defects.
.uno dot latin Shaul Jolles spanish language internet

Mainstreaming the Spanish-Language Internet: An Exclusive Interview with .UNO CEO Shaul Jolles

A new province of the World Wide Web intended for Spanish speakers launched Wednesday, March 19. The ".uno" domain, one of the Internet's new web address suffixes helping to sort out the ever-expanding web, is looking to become the one place for "El Internet en Español." We talked with Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin LLC, the company behind .uno.
Iris Almario

More Than a Credit on the Screen: Former Miss Latina US and Actress Iris Almario

Sex and the City. Season 5, episode 3: "Luck Be an Old Lady," is where America first laid eyes on Iris Almario, the actress, host and model. She played the role of Terry, an attractive maid in a high-end Atlanta City hotel, who Samantha Jones' beau, Richard, couldn't resist. However, prior to being an actress, the Queens-native fiercely worked the pageant circuit, where she was more than once hailed queen; and she worked within the modeling industry, employed by one of the biggest agencies in the world. Through copious amounts of work on and off screen, she's collected rich, once-in-a-lifetime experiences while progressively moving toward her Hollywood ambitions.
Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez of Sportmanias Talks Start-ups & Sports

Sports dominate as one of America's greatest pastimes; the nation loves witnessing competitive physical activity that involve baseball bats, boxing gloves, hockey sticks, golf clubs, rackets and various sized balls. Spectator sports dominate Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings, and hours go into fans researching and keeping up with their favorite sports teams and sports celebrities. Sportsmanias, an innovative twitter-based website, helps fans to better connect with their favorite teams and their favorite players.
lauren velez

Dexter's Lauren Velez on Life After the Hit Showtime Series

She's most famous for her masterful portrayal of cut-throat Police Captain Maria LaGuerta on the bloody hit Showtime drama Dexter; also, for a long run as Dr. Gloria Nathan on OZ and a reoccurring role as Elena on the much-adored show Ugly Betty. After Velez's character's fatal exit from Dexter, the dynamic Puerto Rican actress Lauren Velez has moved on to interesting and exciting projects and opportunities.
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